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Still having some glitches such sas discount will not updated with shopify
and invoice dollar amount won't match with the shopify order which causing lots of problems for payments

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Ich nutze die App für die Erstellung von Rechnungen. Der Support ist schnell, die Funktionen finde ich allerdings etwas unübersichtlich angelegt und nicht ganz selbsterklärend. Die Übersetzung auf Deutsch finde ich manchmal auch etwas unglücklich.

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Molecular Apps已回复 2022年4月5日

Hey, there. Vinal here from the Invoice Falcon support team. I'm very sorry to see that you did not have the best experience with our application.

I have reached out to you on your email to help you with understanding our app better through an onboarding call and requested suggestions to improve the translations in German.

At Invoice Falcon, our aim is to ensure that our application serves your needs and makes your invoicing process effortless. Please take a look at your inbox. :)

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Invoice Falcon Team


It was very good app before but right now it is glitching, it doesn't load properly once opened. Gives me heroku errors, it became very unreliable, have been using it for 2+ years but looking to switch now.

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Molecular Apps已回复 2021年9月13日

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a review. We are glad to hear that the app is useful to you and that you are happy with our support.

Invoice Falcon


Very sorry to be updating my previous review. I decided to uninstall the app as the customer support was not existent for days. I guess these things happen especially if you run a small team. Generally the app is useful and there are many things you can customize (of course there is always room for improvement, I would like to see some extra features becoming available). Recently my invoices would stop displaying as I wanted them to look, font settings no longer worked and I required quick support which came way too late (and still, the issue is not resolved to this day). So I decided to go ahead with a different invoice app.

Flour + Water Baking
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Molecular Apps已回复 2021年7月23日

We are so grateful for your kind words. Thanks for sharing your review with us and the community.


La uso para realizar las facturas de mi ecommerce. Podria ser más automática y mejor organizada ya que hay que hacer distintos pasos para descargar las facturas.

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