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11 novembre 2023

the app really is a great idea, but poorly executed in many ways. I love being able to scan orders and save them as my items usually arrived in multiple shipments, but they dont save 9/10x, even when id pull up an order i just scanned. i contacted their CS and was told different answers, that made zero sense or didnt even apply to what issues ive been having. the order printing tab used to "save" what orders were already printed, but now it no longer does that either. So i have to remember what order # i last printed to or theres duplicate slips printed. Again, CS lacked in a fix on this. Basically gaslight you into thinking it never worked that way previously. Fees + app cost is very high and they dont even make it clear to you that youll be charged fees. Truly is a bummer since the app has a lot of potential if theyd fix these 2 issues and improve their CS. On the look out for an app that can save orders as partially fulfilled until ready for shipment, and correctly marks orders as printed under packing lists.

Three Babes Boutique
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iPacky ha risposto 21 novembre 2023

Hi. You gave a feedback on email that this is working now. We would appreciate if you could update your review.