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23. kesäkuu 2024

I believe that this logistics company is a huge scam. Their entire procedure is dishonest. Worst logistics firm I've ever seen. Nobody takes responsibility for seller or customer care. It's a zero-star review based on my worst-ever experience. Even the owners and managers are phony and incompetent. In this case, it is your obligation to deliver the package; they accept no liability for it. solely focused on profit (higher delivery costs than other). Only the positive things are spoken by the sales team before the courier leaves and no one answers calls. They keep generating money by posting fictitious comments on order status and occasionally returning shipments to sellers so they can charge both ways. No one is available to handle delayed shipping issues.

In this all google good review are fake

please do not prefer on google review.

please do not prefer this company and very disappointed.

This is my personal working experience with this company.

Even I don't want to give them 1 star 0 is good for this fake company


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12. maaliskuu 2024

They blackmail you to release payments. Pathetic ethics of the company.

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Muokattu 19. tammikuu 2023

हेलो में इसे कई टाइम से उपयोग कर रहा था लेकिन अब जो सर्विस हे वो सबसे बकवास हो गयी हे

तो उपयोग करने से पहले एक बार जरूर देख लेना और एक ख़ास बात अगर आपको 35% से 40% RTO चार्जजेबले आपको अच्छा लगता हे तोहि इसका उपयोग करना RTO की श्रेणी में ये दुगना रिटर्न्ड देते हे

और पार्सल खो जाने के कारन आपको रिफंड देने में बहोत सारे बहाने सुन ना हे तो आप इसके साथ बेशक जा सकते हे अन्यथा और कोई उपयोग कर लेना

और इसके साथ मत ज्वाइन होना ये पार्सल मिस्संग के बाद आपको कोईभी टेक्निकल बहाना बतादेंगे और आपको कहेंगे की आपकी गलती हे

प्रे-पेड पार्सल भी रिटर्न्ड करेंगे कई जगह पर आप पार्सल भेजेंगे तो आपके कस्टमर को १० KM दूर लेने के लिए जाना होगा

और वो लोग डोर स्टेप डिलीवरी नहीं करेंगे और खास बात ये लोग आपको पहले नहीं बताएँगे अन्यथा आपका पार्सल रिटर्न्ड होगा और आपको इसका भी चार्ज देना हे

जब कोई शिपिंग कंपनी कोई पिनकोड पे डिलीवरी नहीं करती तो भी ये लोग पार्सल ले लेते हे और RTO करेंगे और आपसे पैसा लेते रहेंगे

जब कोई कंपनी आपका पार्सल पिकउप कर लेती हे और आपका पार्सल १० १० दिन उसके व्हेअर हाउस पे ही रहेंगे शिपिंग स्टार्ट ही नहीं करेंगे अगर आपके कस्टमर के 25 दिन तक डिलीवरी चलती हे तो अप्प इसका उपयोग करियेगा और इसके लिए ये लोग रेस्पॉन्सिबल नहीं हे

खास ३ दिन के बाद अपक्के परसेल की कोई जिम्मेदारी उनकी नहीं हे खो जाये और डिलीवरी शो करदे लेकिन कस्टमर को नहीं मिला ऐसे कोई भी कारण हो वो आपकी जिम्मेदारी हे ये इनके साथ काम करने के बाद का अनुभव हे अप्प ये सवाल उनको काम शुरू करनेसे पहले करले

और जब इसके द्वारा पार्सल भेजना स्टॉप किया तो ये लोग रेमिटेंस में से आपकी बैलेंस कोई ना कोई कारन दिखाके होल्ड कर देंगे और आपका पैसा भी आपको नहीं देंगे और कम्प्लेन करने के बाद में ये लोग इस डिपार्टमेंट से उस डिपार्टमेंट में आपको कम्प्लेन फोरवोर्ड करते रहेंगे लेकिन आपको कोई जवाब नहीं मिलेगा सर में करवाता हु इसके सिवा ये लोग कोई जवाब नहीं देते | मेरा 3 महीने से पेमेंट ऐसे घुमा रहे हे

इस लिए आपसे निवेदन की फ्रॉड होने से पहले एक बार इस सभी चीस के बारेमे देख के काम करिये गा
अकॉउंट ओपन करने के टाइम पे तो सब सही सही बात करेंगे बड़े बड़े आसमानी सपने दिखाएंगे बाद में तुम कोन में कौन

Lotus Fashion
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Muokattu 19. tammikuu 2023

I have been using it for many times in Hello but now the service is the worst

So do check once before using and one more thing if you like 35% to 40% RTO chargeable then use it as it gives double return in RTO category.

And if you don't want to hear too many excuses in giving refund because of lost parcel then you can definitely go with this otherwise use some other

And don't join with it, after missing the parcel, they will tell you any technical excuse and tell you that it is your fault.

Pre-paid parcels will also be returned. If you send parcels to many places, your customer will have to go 10 KM away to pick them up.

And those people will not do door step delivery and the special thing is that these people will not tell you beforehand otherwise your parcel will be returned and you will have to pay for it as well.

Even when some shipping company does not deliver on any pincode, these people will take the parcel and will do RTO and will keep taking money from you.

When a company pick up your parcel and your parcel will remain at its where house for 10 days, will not start shipping.

Specially after 3 days it is not their responsibility for your parcel to get lost and show the delivery but customer didn't get it for whatever reason it is your responsibility this is your experience after working with them you ask them this question done first

And when you stop sending the parcel through this, then these people will hold your balance from the remittance by showing one or the other reason and will not give you your money and after complaining, these people will keep forwarding your complaint from this department to that department. But you will not get any answer other than I get it done in your head, these people do not give any answer. My payment is rotating like this since 3 months

That's why you are requested to work after seeing all this thing once before getting fraud.
At the time of opening the account, everyone will talk correctly, they will show big sky dreams later, who are you?

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15. huhtikuu 2023

- First of all they insure amount upto Rs 1000/- only, so be aware and not to ship high value orders with them.
Secondly if your order gets lost due to any reason they will make excuses (like; "provide manifests", "sorry it's been 48 hours and we can't ask courier company for POD", "provide cctv footage of packing", " Ask you that they look and get back to you in a matter and you have to remind them on the same " )and avoid paying the insured amount too.
Lastly but not the least if you provide them all the proofs and cctv's footage too they will put blame on you. (We've faced many issues where they denied for secured amount too due to different reasons.)
- If your product value is less you can ship with them as they are providing fair shipping rates.
- You have to constantly remind them to issue you refund of your canceled shipments, that too they issue in store wallet only.
- And don't provide any resolution to your shipments lost in-transit.
- Initially they were good with weight discrepancy but now many illogical weight discrepancies.
- They don't have good support staff & is eager to put blame on seller.

Hope this review is useful & helps you decide.

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Muokattu 10. tammikuu 2024

My shipment is stuck in warehouse since 5th Jan, Not getting any updates.

I've been trying to call iThink Logistic for the last 72 hours, but their 'busy' agents are always just busy with files.
Their support is getting worse and it's making experience horrible. Really frustrated!

Really tough to get hold of iThink Logistic's customer support. Always unavailable and it just wastes so much of your time.

Thankful for Mr. Atif's Assistance.
I had a delightful experience with Mr. Atif from the logistics company's team.

He personally reached out to address the issues I mentioned, including the manipulation of shipping partner recommendations and RTO staff misconduct. His sincere efforts and dedication to resolving my concerns have turned my experience around.

Craftmerci Jewelry
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29. syyskuu 2022

HONESTLY ITS COMPLETE SCAM! For 300gm they charge you Rs 122 doesnt matter which zone on an average there is too much of weight discrepancy, there is no customer support whatsoever, they allot an account manager but in reality he doesn't have any knowledge they keep diverting to each other and will ask you to email , which again they keep forwarding to each other in any dispute , there are multiple other option if you really want to save your money then you should like for more established providers then these newbies who are trying to scam businesses.

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15. helmikuu 2023

If you stop working with them they will hold our remittance amount and even response after give 1000's of call mgs and mail. My 19500 has been put on hold and they don't even bother to solve the issue it has been almost 1year. One of their employee from accounts team is now calling and asking to start work again on Ithink so after that we will resolve your matter on priority.

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21. lokakuu 2023

WE ARE BADLY HARRASED BY ITHINK LOGISTICS. ITS A COMPLETE SCAM ! All our wallet balance has been deducted by the company and its showing negative balance. Also our COD remittance is kept on hold.

Suddenly they have sent an overdue invoice mentioning absurd weight discrepancies for last 3 months, though no prior notification or detail shared by them so that we can justify ourselves.

After escalating, they keep diverting the issue to each other without any resolution. If you really want to save your hard earned money then you should avoid them who are trying to scam businesses.

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