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8. joulukuu 2023

Our engagement with Jebbit, regrettably, culminates in a 2-star rating, reflecting a journey marked by unmet expectations and inflexible service. Initially, we were drawn to Jebbit for its quiz tool functionality. Although it operated well, the value it added did not align with its high cost, especially considering the lack of significant impact on our conversion rates—a key selling point.

Compounding our dissatisfaction was the pricing issue. When we were offered a discounted rate upon expressing our intent to leave, it raised concerns about the fairness of our initial pricing.

The final straw, however, was Jebbit's response to our feedback and consideration of other options. Instead of demonstrating flexibility and understanding, Jebbit chose to quickly terminate access to our quizzes. This abrupt action during a critical decision-making phase felt counterintuitive and only solidified our decision to move on.

In summary, while Jebbit's quiz tool is functional, the overall experience was marred by high costs and a lack of flexibility. Our recommendation to others in search of a quiz application is to seek options that offer both operational excellence and customer-centric flexibility. Avoid rigid long-term contracts and prioritize solutions that genuinely enhance your sales experience and website engagement without feeling bound to unsatisfactory service.

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Jebbit Inc. vastasi 11. joulukuu 2023

Hi there,
Thanks so much for writing in and our apologies that your experience did not elicit 5 stars.

Unfortunately your customer success manager was not able to establish the connection with you that provides the best opportunities for recommendations and optimizations to help you meet your goals. We would be more than happy to revisit and open these conversations back up should you be interested in the future.

We completely understand your need to find a solution that better fits your business. We always strive to make sure that our customers are satisfied and work to find solutions when something is not working. We are sincerely sorry that you are walking away having not felt that. We wish you nothing but success with your business in the future!

9. marraskuu 2021

Good app but You can only have ONE LIVE QUIZ! Or You have to contact them for enterprise plan $500+/month that's insane

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Jebbit Inc. vastasi 3. toukokuu 2022

Hi there! Thank you for your feedback! We are constantly working to improve our app and we now offer unlimited live quizzes on our free, starter ($49), and essentials ($249) plans.