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15. toukokuu 2024

Their automated system charged me 3 times what i was supposed to pay for an order. The customer service is useless. The automated chat is completely useless. The didn't answer my questions and did not resolve my problem even when i sent them pictures with proofs. They robbed me over $120 dollars! Beware!

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JetPrint Fulfillment vastasi 16. toukokuu 2024


We're here to voice our protest against your "inaccurate and irresponsible" statements.

To begin with, our automated system is typically off by default. However, in May, you personally activated the automated system and configured it for "automatic payment 3 hours after placing the order." All of these settings were chosen by you, and we had no part in them.

Secondly, when you stated, "The order pays three times," it appears to be a malicious accusation against us. On May 9th (UTC+8), you placed two orders totaling US$126.96 and US$42.13 respectively. The US$126.96 order consisted of 4 products (three pairs of shoes and one hoodie), while the $42.13 order comprised 2 products (two pairs of shoes). The $42.13 order is the one you intended to make, whereas the $126.96 charge is for another order due to your active setup of automatic deductions. Therefore, your assertion is unfounded as there are indeed two separate orders.

Thirdly, you claimed: "Customer service is useless and we didn't answer any of your questions." On May 9 (UTC+8), you reached out to us regarding a deduction request, but we only located your US$42.13 order at that time. When you contacted us again on May 15th, we reiterated: "You set up automatic payment, and the US$126.96 you paid is a separate order of yours."

You never explicitly informed us of your desire to cancel the US$126.96 order.

Lastly, we take responsibility for any shortcomings on our part, but we reject any unfounded accusations. Furthermore, upon your objection, we have already cancelled your order and will refund the fee to your payment account within (2-3 business days).

We strongly advise you to deactivate automatic payment settings and switch to manual settings to prevent any unnecessary losses.

Thank you.

31. tammikuu 2024

Afull shipment

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JetPrint Fulfillment vastasi 18. maaliskuu 2024

Hey there,

Thanks for letting us know about this. We're sorry for any trouble you're having with our app.

We get how frustrating it can be to encounter issues with our service. Please know that our team is dedicated to delivering a top-notch service experience for everyone, and we take your feedback seriously.

18. joulukuu 2023

Never received a tracking update for the item, my account always stated "in production" 3 weeks after the order was placed. When the item finally arrived ANOTHER BRAND'S merchandize was with the product. I initially thought it was a joke: No Quality control, no accountability. Save your brand - partner somewhere else.

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JetPrint Fulfillment vastasi 20. joulukuu 2023


Thank you for your suggestion. Currently, each of our orders comes with a tracking number and is updated synchronously based on the order status.

According to our investigation, you placed only one order with us in 2023. This order was paid on November 14th (UTC+8), and it arrived on November 28th (UTC+8). It took a total of 14 days from order payment to order delivery.

After you received the goods, our customer service department did not receive any information from you regarding the order. If there is an order error or any other issue, you can contact our customer service within 30 days of receiving the product for a refund.

1. marraskuu 2023

My design keeps coming out printed backwards

Dwayne Elliott Collection
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JetPrint Fulfillment vastasi 1. huhtikuu 2024

Hey there,

We apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced with our printing services. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority, and we regret any frustration caused.

We understand how upsetting it can be to encounter issues with your design printing backwards.

We offer a refund option within 30 days of receiving your goods. Our aim is to ensure your satisfaction with our app.

We genuinely hope this helps regain your trust in JetPrint, and we're committed to delivering even higher-quality service in the future.

Thank you.

5. helmikuu 2022

I'd love to speak with someone whose leaving the great reviews because I want that same experience. I ordered some sample watches on Jan 25, 2022 and my order is not being processed and I haven't been able to reach anyone from the company by phone, email, whatsapp, or by their other customer service number. I even tried facebook messenger. I'm going to be forced to dispute my order soon with my bank because i'm getting nothing from the company but fear if one of my customer's order from me that I'll be embarrassed and unable to give a status update about where their order is. I hope i'm wrong because I really want to do business with jetprint but for now its Feb 5 and since Jan 26th i've gotten no contact from anyone.

K-roo Apparel
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JetPrint Fulfillment vastasi 30. maaliskuu 2024


We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

We completely understand your frustration regarding the delays in order processing and the challenges in reaching our customer service team. Rest assured, we've taken immediate action to address these issues. As you read this, we've bolstered our customer service and production teams to resolve any problems you may encounter swiftly.

Every customer is valuable to us, and we're committed to improving your experience with us. We hope for the opportunity to work with you again in the future.

Thank you for your understanding.

26. elokuu 2022

I paid for my order they never sent out to me I sent them like million emails they never replied to them about my order.

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JetPrint Fulfillment vastasi 27. elokuu 2022

Hi there, we apologize for the oversight on missing your previous email here, please kindly send us your order number again, we'll check and get you the status and solution ASAP today and avoid the same issue happening again.

16. helmikuu 2021

First time I ordered to get samples of shoes we were hoping to launch with 14 designs. I ordered over a month ago, their site says 20 days to receive. Order says Fulfilled on 1-30-2021 (that's 17 days ago)-haven't gotten a thing. No response from anyone from the site. Can't find out what's going on with my order and even if I'll really get it. Tracking says it's still in China. I can't use a service like this for customers. Terrible customer service, terrible communication and I guess we'll never know what the product is like. This is what the site states: 2-6 working days production
ETA for Delivery: Standard Delivery in 20 days / Express Delivery in 9 days
Oh and no phone number!

Jane F. Hankins
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JetPrint Fulfillment vastasi 22. helmikuu 2021

Hello Jane, this is JetPrint's support team lead, first, we truly apologize for the inconvenience brought to you on the previous sample order.

As our site states, our average production time is 2-6 working days, and the average shipping time about 14-20 working days for Standard Delivery is, and 5-9 working days for Express Delivery. For US districts, our Standard Delivery may cost shorter in 10-15 working days and Express Delivery is only 3-7 working days.

The products are produced by our own print on demand manufacturer, we strictly control the production time in 2-6 days for sure. It's was because of the effect of COVID-19, some of our previous delivery channels got a stricter limit and checking at customs before exporting. And due to the Chinese New Year, the increasing orders caused the crowded logistic row, which also caused a little longer time waiting. We've decided and signed new delivery channels to provide faster exporting, clearance, and tracking info updates after Chinese New Year, all the previous channels which got updates slowly have been closed, we promise faster delivery for our clients from now on, and once the delivery time over 30 working days without any reason, you can contact us for a full refund, because that's our responsibility, we CANNOT let our clients afford the loss, and also we're always responsible for our clients, doing our best to help you build up & optimize your print on demand brands.

Really sorry for the previous inconvenience and the oversight of our following up for you, we promise faster response and support for you, please kindly allow us one more chance. What's more, we have many new products have launched & about to launch recently, any questions, requests, or discount demands, please kindly send emails to us. Thank you so much for choosing JetPrint POD Manufacturer.

12. elokuu 2021

I ordered 3 pair of jeans. 2 was the regular shipping, and 1 was for "expedited" shipping. the quality was a 0/10, it felt like paper. see through material. Its been a month and they still haven't shipped the "expedited" pair.

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JetPrint Fulfillment vastasi 2. huhtikuu 2024

Hey there,

We extend our sincerest apologies for the disappointment you experienced with the quality of the jeans you ordered through our JetPrint app.

Rest assured, we have taken immediate action to address this issue.

Regarding the delayed shipment of the "expedited" pair, we are currently investigating the matter to understand the cause of the delay. In the meantime, we have initiated the refund process for you. Although we do not have a chat history with you, we want to ensure that you receive the assistance you deserve. Please feel free to contact our customer service team to provide any relevant information necessary to expedite the refund process.

Once again, we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we work to improve our services. We hope to regain your trust and welcome you back to our JetPrint app for a better experience in the future.

Muokattu 18. maaliskuu 2024

I've now put through a several thousand orders now (primarily shoes) with JetPrint so can give a pretty through review.

Recently, JetPrint support and communication from the team has been really quite poor. Significant changes have been made (without notice) to product variants for some products on JetPrint that have had huge effects on store owners; however, store owners were not notified of these changes until they had been rolled out. The result is ALL existing JetPrint products in our store will need to be updated to match the JetPrint Variants OR any new products added will also need to be manually changed to match the store variant setup. It's pretty disgraceful, given the volume of business we send to JetPrint. It's really disappointing as we started as a 4 star review and its just slowly gone downhill over the years despite sending more and more business.

- Product quality : There are instances where for some reason a bad (cheap?) insole was used instead of the normal “softer” insole. There is also the odd issue with the designs getting mixed up for example the left shoe for one order is sent with the right shoe of another order. Or a Black toe shoe is sent instead of a white. I’d recommend doing random sample orders regularly to ensure the quality of the insole (you’re not getting the bad “cheap” one), the designs are correct, and branded boxes are being sent if that’s what you have ordered.
Design interface/mockups - I'm was happy with with what was offered as it was easy to use with nice mockups. However, recently they changed the mockup tool so we can no longer change the level of “blending” the design has on blank mockup. So now all our old mockups look slightly different to any new products we add. Store owners were not advised of this change prior to is being rolled out
Black shoe mockups for the low and high top canvas shoes is incorrect and shows black eyelets instead of the bare metal (silver) eyelet the shoe actually has. Required additional manipulation in photoshop to correct this so customer receives what they see online. Has been raised multiple times with JetPrint but never corrected.

Support – was great and when minor problems arise they were usually solved quite quickly. Sometime there is difficulty trying to convey the problem to the support team so its best to send a screen shot to explain. Recently however, when things go “wrong” and when you really do need actual support, its very difficult to get response.

Shipping - They mainly use Yanwan and YunExpress for international segment, then local carriers for last mile. My only issue is some of the last mile carriers often let the team down and I have had a few "wrong address, return to sender" when the address was not incorrect at all. Only seems to happen with USPS, OnTrac (US), Amarex (Australia) and Evri (UK) and these carriers respective support as you would expect – hopeless. When the last mile carrier is Australia Post, Royal Mail there doesn’t seem to be an issue.
- Dashboard – clunky to use. 3 years after bringing this to JetPrints attention, they finally added the customer order number that shows in your store. BUT you cannot search by it, so I'm not sure exactly why it's there…. If you filter by dates, then view an order, all date filters are removed when you exit that order. Again, clunky and not user-friendly. They also finally added (again some 3 yrs after asking) the customer surname instead of just the first name …which was written twice. But again, you cannot search by customer name/surname so not sure of why its there.
So, with no order number or full name to search by, it is really hard to locate orders. After scrolling through pages of orders to find an order (say page 13), once you click into then out of your order, you end up at the start of all orders again (ie page 1). Has been raised multiple times with JetPrint and never corrected.

The Dashboard REALLY needs to be fixed. In this day and age, it is simply not acceptable that you are not able to search your orders by the customer surname (or your store order number). Looking for a specific order makes a 5 second job take 5 mins.

However, the main reason for a one star now is there is ZERO communication for store owners when significant changes to the app are going to be rolled out. You can wake up one morning and suddenly your whole store is broken, and you cannot add products the way you could before, and your entire store of over 400 products now needs to be changed to be consistent with the new changes.

I Love a Hangar
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30. kesäkuu 2021

It took two weeks for Jetprint to tell me they ran out of the tote bag I ordered for my customer. Two weeks and nocontact. I have customers. I will update this review if they make it right very quickly.

My Righteous Apparel
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JetPrint Fulfillment vastasi 31. maaliskuu 2024


Thank you very much for your review.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused by our oversight in not promptly notifying you of the inventory issue regarding the tote bag you ordered. Rest assured, we have taken measures to rectify this situation by procuring a substantial amount of materials and ensuring ample inventory in our warehouse.

Your feedback is invaluable to us, and we deeply appreciate your understanding. Should you have any further suggestions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Thank you.