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4 april 2022

I really enjoy the app and the great design facility that it is providing! Keep doing a great job!!!

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11 januari 2019

Beautiful apps for create product, easy to use I love JP so much !! . Join and try to do your own stuff recommended !!

2 dagen gebruiken de app
16 november 2019

this is what i was looking for! they have a bunch of good products. these products are good quality

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2 dagen gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 17 oktober 2019

Unfortunately it makes no sense to start this business when you live in the EU, as the customs will catch every order of your customers as its not declared the right way. To this i had to pay extra 23€ (!) taxes to the customs just to get my sample package from them, what would be very unpleasant for a real customer...

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JetPrint Fulfillment heeft geantwoord 25 oktober 2019

Sincerely thank you for your review, we are trying our best to provide the best service and the best product quality to our customers, especially watch customized POD service. If our service makes your customer being charged by customs in the EU, maybe you choose the fast delivery method by DHL, the DHL agency needs the tax number for the EU. But you can choose the standard delivery method for customers, also, we have found some solutions for EU sellers.

28 juni 2022

es funktuniert ein feature nicht und mehr klamotten waehren nice vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv

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28 mei 2021

So far, my only two minor complaints are that my credit card was getting declined, so I had to use a different one for some reason. My second is that I wish there were a better design program; there are no easy ways to create patterns or duplicate placements to multiple locations on an item. Additionally, some of the items do not show the layout, instead you are just pasting images onto a picture of clothing. Otherwise, the product selection is AMAZING!

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29 dagen gebruiken de app
JetPrint Fulfillment heeft geantwoord 18 april 2023

Thank you for your feedback here my friend. It's very kind of you to give us important feedback on designer system optimization. We've sorted out your question with our technical department already, and we're updating our coding and User Interface, and mockup generator for better and easier operation in 2023, I'm sorry for the temporary inconvenience here. The mockup page and the entire experience will surely be better in the following months.

Bewerkt 6 juni 2022

The app is super easy to install and use I wish they had a bigger catalog with more accessories e.g "water bottles and hats" the app is awesome I highly recommend it.

Knockout Power Nutrition
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15 augustus 2021

It was very easy to create an account and begin the process, unlike other P.O.D. companies out there.

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3 december 2019

We have three problems with "Jetprint" so far:

1) The sample order we placed on 11/21 is still in production.

2) the TEST ORDER we placed using Shopify's TEST MODE on 11/27 was produced and shipped to our Non-Existent Customer. This after we contacted them to cancel this given that it was purchased while in TEST MODE. Meanwhile our sample, ordered a week before the Test Mode fiasco, is still "in production."

3) After not getting a response from them via email, we called the (415) 800-4813 phone number listed on their website and received neither answer nor option to leave a voicemail.

This company has serious issues and should be removed from the Shopify platform.

Silver Fox Luxury LLC
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16 dagen gebruiken de app
JetPrint Fulfillment heeft geantwoord 3 december 2019

Hello there,
Sorry for the late reply and missing your call here. we've also replied to your mailbox about this one.

The charge should be processed by our system automatially here, It's okay, we've got your requests, will arrange the refund for the test order ASAP, and check the status of your sample order immediately.

Besides, we've sent a new email to you which contains the latest tracking info from DHL official, please have a check.

We promise this misunderstanding won't happen again, will process the refund for you soon.

Bewerkt 11 februari 2021

First order not so good. If this continues I will delete it. Was not a good first impression while my customer was surprised because of one items from his order couldn’t get sent

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JetPrint Fulfillment heeft geantwoord 18 april 2023

Thank you for your feedback, and we apologize for the unpleasant shopping experience we gave you on the phone grip. At present, we have reorganized our support team, which is more professional in customer service, product production, logistics and transportation than before. Now we sincerely invite you to come back to our app again and you will definitely have unexpected surprises!