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14 mei 2023

I can only give 2 stars for now, because I have not been able to try the app in my store yet. Before I can try to give the app a try, I am getting pop-ups telling me to rate, without getting the chance to try the app. I will give a better honest rating when I am able to utilize the app, and see if it is as good as it claims to be. Please allow rating editing so that I may update my rating after trying the app in store.

Ice Gold Apparel
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18 minuten gebruiken de app
JetPrint Fulfillment heeft geantwoord 3 april 2024

Hey there,

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the pop-up message you encountered. It was not our intention to disrupt your experience with our app.

We have taken measures to rectify the issue and improve your overall experience with our app.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer service team.

Thank you for your understanding, and we are committed to delivering better service to you in the future.

4 september 2023

Wäre schön wenn ich wieder in meine App käme .Sehr schlecht und schädlich für das Geschäft

6 maanden gebruiken de app
JetPrint Fulfillment heeft geantwoord 3 april 2024

Hey there,

We're sorry for any inconvenience or frustration caused by recent changes to our app.

We recognize the importance of optimizing our applications to better serve our customers. Our aim is to simplify the process and remove any unnecessary steps, ultimately improving your JetPrint experience.

To assist you further, we've created tutorials offering step-by-step guidance on using our updated app. These resources are tailored to help you navigate any changes seamlessly.

If you encounter any difficulties or have questions along the way, our dedicated customer service team is available to assist you. Please don't hesitate to reach out, and we'll gladly support you throughout the process.


24 augustus 2023

güzel begendim ürün çeşitleri ve modellemeleri oldukça iyi böyle işlerin artmasını temenni ediyorum gayet hoş

Golden Horn Arts
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31 maart 2023


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3 maart 2019

Service client très réceptif. La livraison également est rapide.
Merci pour ce service de bonne qualité. :)

Meer dan 4 jaar gebruiken de app
21 juni 2019

An outstanding piece of app with very fast shipping times and the option of free shipping as well. I am happy they have gone beyond just watches. Please add more items

Meer dan 4 jaar gebruiken de app
21 augustus 2018

This 5-star review is after I received my first order. First of all, the customer service of JetPrint is great. Jennifer and her team has been very helpful and response. The manufacture that produced our test order did a great job too. I strongly recommend JetPrint. The JetPrint app also works great; so convenient to add product variants
and easily integrates with your shop. They deserve 5 star! Keep up the great customer service and work, Jennifer.

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21 januari 2019

I really ike how it does I really ike how it does I really ike how it does I really ike how it does I really ike how it does I really ike how it does

Dadu Store | Smart. Beautiful. Dadu
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10 april 2019

I just ordered a few samples for my store, and have to say Absolutely LOVE the quality of these watches. Genuine Leather, lovely quality and 3 weeks delivery to UK. So glad I came across this store :)

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Ongeveer 3 jaar gebruiken de app
11 oktober 2018

Their customer service is awesome, and the quality of their watches was better than I expected. I was surprised at how slim the watches I ordered were. The mock ups of the watches make the faces look bigger than they actually are.

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Bijna 3 jaar gebruiken de app