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Really helpful App. Glad I stumbled upon it. Helps me talk to customers easily and also helps them out. I have been using it for almost 3 years. Despite the replacement of the platform.

JivoChatが返信しました 2022年11月7日

✌ Your review gave us more strengh. Good to know you kept us even between platforms. It made us super happy.
May the force with you!
Wish you a good Jivo 💚


O aplicativo faz o que promete e ajuda nas conversões. Precisa apenas ter a opção de não aparecer quando o visitante o fecha durante a navegação e só retornar aparece se ele recarregar a página.

JivoChatが返信しました 2022年11月7日

Muito obrigada pelo review e sugestão!!! Estamos trabalhando sempre para incluir novos recursos para o Jivo Chat.
Conte conosco sempre que precisar! Estamos aqui para ajudá-lo sempre!


used another app and then turn to Jivochat, like the fucntion- proactive invitation, we 've seen more customer involved leave messages and look for advice. Very helpful for final conversion. Used 15 trial days and now just paid for pro version, so far so good. Divya helped much when we had an issue processing payment, it is system bug and we waited for 2 weeks for solution, finally okay now.

JivoChatが返信しました 2022年11月7日

Thank you so much for your review.
If you need any support, please do not hesitate in contacting our Customer Success's Team. We are here for you!

May the Jivo Be With You!


I'm using this app from their beginning. I'm more or less satisfied with the app, except few glitches every now and then. I would like to have more features in free version, so app can be more usable even for free users. Then I would definitely reconsider 5 stars.

Tamed Winds
JivoChatが返信しました 2020年5月13日

Thank you for your review! We are currently working hard on adding new features to both free and paid versions of our app. Hopefully, you'll enjoy our newest updates when we roll them out :)


I absolutely love this app! Nothing like it out there. The multi-channel function is awesome, and the phone features are unique as well. Support is always online and excellent. This is the best communication tool I have ever seen!

JivoChatが返信しました 2019年4月12日

Thank you for your review.


Nice chat, I am a fan omni-channel/multi-channel chats and this does a good job. Although it had good features they aren't quite up to my needs, i.e. Live visitor viewing shows you current page and referral but does not show you a history of the pages they visited or cart contents, The omi-channel works well but does not include SMS. Customer support is available via their own chat on their site, Quick to respond during business hours They do not seem interested in feature requests, When I asked about viewing live visitor history (non-chat) I was told to use Google analytics, When I asked if they had any plans to add SMS I was told, "No! SMS is for Old Timers" Really? All of our order information is sent via SMS as well as shipping and tracking updates, Customer reply to those all the time for help as well as contacting customer support daily via SMS, We also have customers place orders and make appointments via SMS daily. When we used other omni-channel chats that allowed visitors to transfer their web chat. 90% transferred to SMS, SMS might be for Old Timers but it is still widely used and not to be ignored.

JivoChatが返信しました 2019年4月12日

Thank you a lot for your review and ideas you shared.