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23. leden 2024

Love this app! Works great, allows me to add reviews to my website from multiple sources. The customer support is always very helpful and friendly.

Earth Ahead
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25. leden 2024

I had a fantastic experience with Carlos while setting up the reviews carousel for my website. The app is incredibly neat and organized, providing a range of customization options that I truly appreciate. Carlos's support was invaluable and made the process seamless. Highly recommend!

Origin Colombia
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26. leden 2024

Firstly, the customer service is AMAZING. I had issues with a number of things in the initial setup (spammers being spammers) but that was mostly because of me not setting up certain things. They not only walked me through the proper setup but they went beyond by professionally adding the necessary widgets and recommended settings to help filter out the spam stuff (basically setup a troll blocker of sorts). Everything has been butter smooth! I highly recommend this for your shopify store, it'll give customers a warm feeling of assurance knowing others received good quality products. It'll help on the negative side too, so you know where to adjust and make things better.

Blue Jay's Cauldron
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29. prosinec 2023

Issue: 2 Rows Showing Reviews With Stars on the product recommendations section. Solved by Han from Judge.me.
Thank you again!
Best wishes & Happy New Year!

Asiwo Sports
Hongkong – ZAO Číny
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14. leden 2024

Amazing app, has everything, almost all the important stuff is free, and can choose to pay for good extras.

Customer service help with everything and fast to respond at anytime of the day.

Farah Collections
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18. leden 2024

Great app for collecting product reviews. The assistance is very friendly and competent. They managed to fix several things I didn't like about the template. I recommend this app.

Nada Home
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7. leden 2024

my experience was great. i spoke with an agent who was able to help me with all my concerns and show me how to automate and curate my emails. She even help me when i had some out of stock reviews come in that were not showing on a particular product . she downloaded and uploaded it for me so that my customers can now see all my reviews. i was grateful, awesome agent

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5. prosinec 2023

Judge.me - A Must-Have Review App!

Judge.me has completely revolutionized how I manage customer reviews for my business. This app is an absolute game-changer!

Firstly, the user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, even for tech novices. It's intuitive and well-organized.

The automated review collection process is a standout feature. It seamlessly integrates with my online store, sending review requests to customers post-purchase. The customization options for email templates allow for a personalized touch.

What sets Judge.me apart is its feature-rich platform. Stunning review widgets, robust moderation tools, and SEO optimization have significantly improved my online presence.

Customer support is exceptional - responsive and dedicated to user satisfaction.

In conclusion, Judge.me is a must-have app for businesses seeking trust, online visibility, and customer engagement. Don't hesitate; it's an investment that pays off with increased sales and a stellar reputation. I wholeheartedly recommend Judge.me!

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15. prosinec 2023

Hey there!
Just wanted to share my fantastic experience with the Judge.me app. Recently, I ran into a bug that was causing some bad user experiences, and I reached out to their support team. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly they tackled the issue and got it fixed in no time! This app definitely deserves a thumbs up!

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Datum úprav: 25. leden 2024

We have been using this app for a while now and are actually very excited about it. It works very well and has many integrations and options. The support is also fast, friendly and good. We had some troubles and was looking for days with the support. Now we figured out the problem and everything works normal. Thank you so much!

Battl Victory Records
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