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3. kesäkuu 2024

Combat Katana Raw Carbon Pro (Gen 2) review:

I’ve had the pleasure now to play quite a bit with the new 2nd generation Katana paddle. First off – the new graphic design and color combinations rally look smart. I’ve had quite a few players come up to me and ask about it based on looks alone. (I’m currently playing with the white one). The thermoformed head and quality handle add to the value. They come from the manufacturer at 8.0 oz, but I’m able to bring that down to 7.8 oz by changing the grip to my preferred brand – I do that with all of my paddles. In terms of playability, I’ll start with the gritty raw carbon surface. The amount of top spin, side spin and cut that I can generate with the paddle is the most that I’ve played with. For me this comes into play at the net where countering a drive or dinking really benefit with a cut to keep the ball low. The thicker core allows me to control the ball very well when I’m being attacked while coming to the net. I’m able to drop the ball into the non-volley zone from mid court noticeably better than my previous paddles. I’m guessing that the thermos-formed aspect of the paddle helps in this regard as the sweet spot is very reliable. In terms of weight, I find that this is a very balanced paddle. As a result of this balance, my hand speed at the net is great and at the same time I’m able to hit consistent, firm ground strokes. The combination of the surface and the balance has allowed me to hit great dipping passing shots. Overall, I think that Combat has done a great job of combining all of the latest paddle technology into this Katana Raw Carbon Pro paddle. I’m really enjoying playing with it.

Mike Schwarz

Pickleball Depot
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17. heinäkuu 2024

Am very happy with this app. I had a great experience with Ann from customer support who spent over 30 minutes on chat trying to fix an issue with the emails going out from the app. This was due to changes made by one of our developers. In the end it required Ann to make some changes to our code to get it functioning smoothly. This was done very quickly and I can't rate them higher for their customer service. Thank you.

Seeds of Plenty
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11. heinäkuu 2024

This App has worked so well for our store. We find it offers so many features for a reasonable price. The support i have received during our time with the app has been nothing short of spectacular! The support team has been there within minutes of me sending a query and have always managed to help. AMAZING! Thank you again for all the support. I recommend the app to everyone, you wont be dissapointed.

Glitter Planet
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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4. heinäkuu 2024

I was installing and ran into an error I didn't recognize. Before I could do anything else, Soufiane popped up in the chat - collaborator access given - and within minutes he had sorted the problem (not sure what it was) and he placed review widgets on my site.
One of the best support experiences of my life and I've had a few.
5+ stars and a pat on the back to the support team.

Odens UK
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22. toukokuu 2024

We are a small business and so many people purchase off the reviews of others, (just like you are now reading this review) so we knew it was important to find a company to showcase reviews on our website, and would work with our existing Shopify account. We've had nothing but a great experience with from initial install, to how the product looks on our website (looks awesome!) and more and more reviews everyday! Gotta love that! Plus I recently deleted a product by accident on my website and unfortunately when you do this all your reviews go bye-bye! I reached out through chat and Rodrigo was able to find those reviews and add them back to my website!!!! I can not express how Thankful I was for this, no words, it was several reviews and I hope Rodrigo wins the lottery!!! ❤️ Great app we love it!

Colquitt Bath Co.
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3. heinäkuu 2024

We've been using for approximately 3 years now and cannot fault it. It is simple to navigate, easy for customers to submit reviews, and their customer service is quick and helpful. They've helped us customise many aspects of the app to suit our store design and needs, highly recommend!

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18. heinäkuu 2024

Easy to set up, works beautifully and the only time I needed help, Gabriella helped me fix my issue within 2 minutes. Also love that they have a free option since we are still small. Hope I get to the paid option someday, fingers crossed for big sales!!

the chic assembly
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18. heinäkuu 2024

Easy to use and has the most free features available out of most product review apps. A lot of features are still behind a paywall, but overall it's a good review app for a smaller store. Used their chat function recently and got a helpful response within minutes.

PG Store
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14. heinäkuu 2024

I recently started using the app for my online store, and I am impressed with the results! The setup was a breeze from the beginning thanks to the intuitive interface and clear instructions. The app seamlessly integrates with my Shopify store, making it easy to collect and display customer reviews.

One of the outstanding features is the customization options. I appreciate being able to tailor the review request emails to match my brand's voice and aesthetics. The automatic reminders have significantly helped increase the number of reviews, and greatly boosted our store’s credibility and trustworthiness.

Overall, has exceeded my expectations. It’s an indispensable tool for any e-commerce business looking to enhance its customer review system. Highly recommended!

Calvinist Apparel™
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4. heinäkuu 2024

Very easy to use app with multiple tools that help me manage my products reviews fast. I had a question and when contacting the support, they responded extremely fast in less than 20 seconds! They helped me with my issue and explained all I could not understand very clear and professional. I will keep using this app for all my shops, thank you :)

Koroni Creations
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