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Cannot import reviews as advertised, import has glitch.

Judge.meが返信しました 2023年10月18日

Hi there, thank you for letting us know about the Import bug.

Our developers have deployed a fix for this and import is working normally now. Our team has also reached out to let you know and to make sure everything is how you wanted.

Hope to welcome you back soon!


not working on shopify store

Total Outlet
Judge.meが返信しました 2023年10月16日

Hi there,

Thank you for your review. Would you be able to share with us why the app is not working on your Shopify store?

Our team has reached out to you but hasn't heard back. Our support is available 24/7 so please feel free to let us know anytime.

Looking forward to connecting soon!


it sucks.

God of Ware

Their native email template editor is extremely outdated and frustrating. It was okay for 2010, maybe, but not nowadays. Emails look super basic, with no upsells, nothing. We wanted to use the Klaviyo integration, but they do not support languages, so you will redirect your French, German, etc., customers to write a review to the default store (English in our case). Amazing no one has taken care of this yet, considering how many reviews and downloads they have and how many years the app has been working. If you don't need much, the app has a free plan with the basics, but if you're serious about your customer experience, scaling, and so on, look elsewhere.

Ultimate Holder
Judge.meが返信しました 2023年6月26日

Thank you so much for your feedback!

Our team is working hard to improve our Klaviyo integrations and also our email templates. We will let you know as soon as the localization is available.

In the meantime, our support team has reached out to work with you on setting up the complete email flow using our native email template. Hope it helps!


I pay for this app every month and they won't add the verified badge to newly imported reviews. So now my site has some reviews that say verified and others that do not which does not look good at all. One star

Fitness Junkies

UPDATE: 3/17/2024 I've been using this app since 2020, not sure why its showing differently. Anyway, yesterday I had a small issue that required me to contact support yesterday. While that got resolved, I asked if they would look at my settings to see if there is anything they recommend. They noticed my email to remind customers that their discount code for leaving a review was turned off. I spent the time to design the email and turned it on and immediately got email after email (copies of the emails customers received) and the same problem I posted about 4 years ago persists!) Each review a customer leaves ( I had my emails set to show up to 6 products per order) and if they leave a review for all 6 products, they receive SIX different emails thanking them. AND another SIX emails reminding them that each of the discount codes will be expiring. Irresponsible email marketing for sure. Knowing this, I have only one option, to limit the customer to only one review so that Judge.me stops SPAMMING my customers. So frustrated. Outsourced customer service suggested I get a different app. While I love this app for many reasons, I can't overcome this issue which is HUGE!

Update: My customers are being spammed by Judge.me

My review requests are set up to allow customers to leave multiple reviews for in their order (in my best interest as the seller because I can get several different product reviews from one customers order. Obviously)

Today, Judge.me sent three different discount codes to the same customer. One for EVERY review they left...instead of one email with one discount code, the customer got bombarded with several emails and several different codes (NOT GOOD FOR ME!)

I contacted customer service to see what I did wrong. They said they don't currently have a way to stop this from happening but I can suggest it by sending an email to https://judgeme.featureupvote.com/ this should be done automatically by customer service when a customer encounters an issue. We all know how limited our time is.

I've lowered my review from 5 stars down to 1 because of this issue. The app seems to be working perfectly in all other ways but this a huge issue SPAMMING customers is a sure way to leave a bad impression!

I'll adjust my star review when this issue is fixed. My only other option is to limit customers to one review per order. This customer left three reviews for their order so we can clearly see, we want the customer to be able to leave reviews for multiple items in their order, just don't want them to be spammed. One discount code per order is perfectly acceptable and likely expected by the customer to receive a single reward in this case as well.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: I'm super happy I switched from another app, I should have done it sooner! The integration was really easy and the questions I did have were answered very quickly. Customers are already responding to the review requests. Today I set up the rewards portion and know that I'll be getting even more engagement because of that. Very happy so far!

Charmed Creations LLC

don't use this app ,it's terrible, don't use this app ,it's terrible don't use this app ,it's terrible


I've had this app for a year and suddenly nothing works. Unless I pay for more than I need. My biggest problem is that the app wants me to update but the details raise red flags. Why do you need a customers phone #….I don;t ask for it. And why location details? That has nothing to do with a review. you just seem to be gathering data from my customers for some reason that isn't pertinent to the focus of the app. WHY? there is not place to get answers. I had a problem last month and never got a solid answer but I had to do other work, so havn't pressed. I need a place to go to find out how this app that worked a t first is now so messed up it is useless. Plus you give me no options for WHAT data I will allow you to collect. You don't need my customers IP address, unless you are working for the government. Get some decent answers that are easy to find and implement or I can't recommend.

NatureScapes Studio
Judge.meが返信しました 2022年12月19日


Founder and CEO of Judge.me here.

The Shopify permissions you are accepting cover the data needed to run all features of our app: SMS requests, showing review location, etc.

We are not doing anything with that info unless you enable those features in our app.

Apps on Shopify can only ask for permissions needed to run the app, per Shopify policy.

Hope this clarifies things. Our support has reached out to you and we hope to talk more soon.


the fact that judge.me doesn't allow in-email reviews of multiple items at a time, and rather requires reviewers to click on separate buttons of each item in the email is wayyyyyy too much friction. also, requiring buyers to leave a title and review, rather than just stars and having the other fields optional, is another source of friction. it's unfortunate because judge.me integrates with my accordian tabs app, but the reviews emails are just way too messy.

Delia Langan Jewelry

Stay clear of the Live Chat rep called Dang. He cant understand english and it took me 3 times to explain the troubles I was having with the judge.me app - not good at all!

Ruma Living