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Support was kind and able to help me adjust a badge at the bottom of my page. I wish it would have been something easily done in the settings, but they were able to help me

A Bird and A Bear
接近3年 人在使用应用

very helpful support and top app. I am a happy customer for years. But: I want the shop ratings to be visible when I am googled: When will google reviews be available? will give you the fifth star then.

大约3年 人在使用应用

I should write two reviews actually, one for the Support Team and one for the app itself.
Support is amazing, they are always quick to respond and in most cases solved our problems (mostly display issues). We talked with Mohamed, Rodrigo and Hakima so far, all of them provided excellent support. 5 stars!
The app itself has its small annoying issues (email template looks different than sent email, not enough customization options, sometimes slow update times between the app and webshop, etc), but it does what is needs to do. Awesome plan is definitely worth the money, and the great support balances out the rest.

Grasshopper Geography
5个月 人在使用应用

Affordable with great and quick support. They're transparent about limitations. Highly recommended for a simple reviews app. My main suggestion is to improve customization options, especially for email designs. While it lacks email design flexibility, the app's functionality is impressive.

My main suggestion, coming from a designer/marketer, is that there's room for significant improvement in customization options. While I can effectively initiate review requests through Klaviyo, the limitation arises when trying to incorporate direct review options within Klaviyo emails, allowing users to leave reviews right in the email itself—a substantial feature. It's unfortunate that the appearance of these emails falls short in comparison to my other email campaigns. However, it's essential to note that the app's functionality surpasses this limitation, making it a valuable choice for now.

Muley Freak
18天 人在使用应用

The representative that helped me today was great! However, I don't understood how some customers say they didn't get the email nor read it. But in the status it says 'customer read email'.

10个月 人在使用应用

I have tried multiple review apps and uninstalled this one before, but when you factor in cost, functionality, and integrations for $15/month, you can't beat it. Their chat service (Gena) fixed my font color issues in less than 2 minutes. There are other integrations they could add, and the interface could be cleaner but I look forward to the updates!

Maximum Effort Coffee Company
大约1个月 人在使用应用

Haven't received reviews yet but the customer service was great. Let it be known that you need to have a business email (johnsmith@companydomain.com) in order to create personalized emails, gmail, outlook, etc will not work. In order to see review requests you will need to access them via the app.

Anubis Athletica
2天 人在使用应用

I have been trying to change the customer name of the review but it is not happening what's the issue?

Deal Oceans
4个月 人在使用应用
Judge.me已回复 2023年10月10日

We're very happy to let you know that the bug has been fixed and you'll be able to update the name now ^^


It is a bit complicated then i thought it would be I wish there were more features for those who are using a free plan.

Dreamdoll RR
7天 人在使用应用
Judge.me已回复 2023年10月10日

Thank you for your feedback. Can you also let us know which features you are looking for?

Our free plan is very extensive so there's a high chance it has already included what you need somewhere ^^


Agent Ann was super helpful when i had some issues in my store. Thank you for this amazing app.

Gem store
大约1个月 人在使用应用