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12. huhtikuu 2024

Using Justuno for our on-site promotions has been a game-changer for our marketing strategy. Their platform seamlessly integrates with our Shopify store, and it’s incredibly easy to launch and manage promotions that truly engage with our audience.

I also highly recommend Justuno's managed services as an option. We’ve taken our promotional campaigns to the next level with their work. Their team is not just responsive and knowledgeable; they bring a level of expertise and innovation that adds significant value to our efforts. The guidance, innovation and creative they provide have helped us not only in executing effective promotions but also in ensuring these are perfectly aligned with our marketing goals and our brand.

Justuno has become a core component of our marketing infrastructure. Their tools and services have empowered us to create compelling, effective promotions that drive engagement and sales. If you're looking to enhance your on-site marketing, I can't recommend Justuno highly enough.

TRIBAL Hollywood
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23. huhtikuu 2024

We've been using Justuno self-managed for the better part of the last 7 years, and have been so happy with it. However, moving to Managed Services has been a game-changer for us! We never knew what we were missing, how fully customizable the platform and functions are, what additional functions were available to us that were going unused because we thought they would be too complicated to use, etc. And, to top it all off, our dedicated account manager, Miranda, has been a dream to work with!

Seamless integration with Shopify (we are on Plus), in literally two keystrokes.

There are a lot of marketing add-ons in the Shopify App store, but if you want something that just works, has US based support and customer service, and will be there for you whether you're just starting out/growing, or are a full blown e-comm behemoth, Justuno is the marketing app I'd recommend.

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14. toukokuu 2024

Fantastic easy onboarding with Justuno, we got stuck right in and rolled campaigns out almost immediately! We were working with Kelsey and I can't recommend her enough - very supportive and informative.

Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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25. tammikuu 2024

The sales team (CHRIS) convinced me that our sales were hurting because we were lacking their services. As a solopreneur running a small business, I was very hesitant as we don’t advertise and, therefore have not a lot of monthly visitors, however, CHRIS convinced me I needed Justuno to increase conversion on my website. I paid for 3 months, of white-glove service- there was no other option for what they were selling me. The first round for Black Friday went well- the banners matched my website and branding and they got everything up in time. No conversions.

Then the white glove service told me they would start working on my Christmas banners and get them going for the first week of December. That week came and went and at the end of the second week, they finally had my banners up 2 weeks too late. Well, guess what? No conversions. I had a meeting arranged to discuss New Year’s strategy but a series of events occurred- my dog needed urgent vet care, then my daughter was admitted to the ICU, etc.

In January, when I emailed them about my disappointment from the last round but still expected my banners for January which I PAID FOR, they cancelled my account and robbed me of one month of services!

I am not one for writing negative reviews, but I feel compelled to share my terrible JUSTUNO experience with other small business owners. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. THIS TEAM DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR SMALL BUSINESS. THEY ONLY WANT YOU TO SIGN UP FOR THEIR EXPENSIVE 3-MONTH TRIAL TO RIP YOU OFF.

This is the absolute worst company! They are thieves and only care about their big clients while stealing from small businesses! I will NEVER USE JUSTUNO AGAIN AND WILL BE SURE TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE WITH ALL MY FELLOW BRANDS AT THE SHOWROOMS WE SHARE ACROSS THE US!

My Bougie Bottle
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Justuno vastasi 29. tammikuu 2024

We understand you were unhappy with the service you received with Justuno. In reviewing your file we found there was some confusion on what Justuno provided and we attempted to clarify that with you and find where the miscommunication took place. If you would like to continue that conversation please reach out to our VP of support Kelsey who you’ve been emailing with.

You requested we downgrade your account, not cancel, which was done. In fact, your account is still installed and using our promotions on your website now.

We have refunded your last payment in understanding that you feel you did not receive the services you signed up for.

1. joulukuu 2023

This app is so clunky and bad I dont know how they get away with it. Creating your pop-ups is super antiquated. You change a setting (i.e. font color) and it doesn't show the correct update when it's live on the website. You can move things around on the editor and when it's live, it never respects the updates you made. Such a bad application.

Orgullo Coffee Company
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Justuno vastasi 4. joulukuu 2023

Thank you for your feedback on the platform. Changes not reflecting on your live pop-ups or in the editor are not the experience we want our customers to have. This sounds like a bug and we’d like to hear more about this experience if you’d be willing to share at support@justuno.com.

10. joulukuu 2023

Terrible App and dishonest customer service.
On record, this app was generating 0 impressions on our site for 8 months (costing thousands of dollars). When our team discovered not only this, but also that the app was charging us for "extras" we never opted into, the customer service team refused to refund us for the inactive months, offering only a refund for 1 month of unapproved "extras". Totally ineffective app, fraudulent company. Stay away.

JNCO Los Angeles
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7. marraskuu 2023

Highly recommend this app! It's easy to use and successful, but what really shines is the support from all of the Justuno team members. We are so impressed with their response time, willingness to send video demos, and/or jump on a same day call to resolve any issues. Additionally we get valuable insights from their team on ways to optimize the integration, suggested activations and even Black Friday best practices. 10/10 recommend!

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29. marraskuu 2023

Working with Justuno has been a fantastic experience, especially with Miranda leading the way. Initially planned as a 3-month trial for our website, we decided to quickly expand to our USA site within a month because it was so beneficial. The Commerce AI significantly boosted our conversion rates during sales, proving incredibly helpful. Tech support with Yuno has been fantastic – a true coding whiz who consistently delivers solutions. Despite challenging time zones (given our location in AUS), Miranda's dedication shines through as she consistently goes the extra mile, staying back, or jumping on a call whenever needed to assist whenever needed. Excited about the future with Justuno!

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5. kesäkuu 2023

We compared several vendors and JustUno has by far the most capabilities for popups email capture and targeting with very reasonable pricing. Miranda has been an absolute pleasure to work with and we have seen such impressive gains already in terms of metrics that we recently upgraded to the silver plan.

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16. toukokuu 2024

I've been working with JustUno for a few years now. I really like working with Miranda from their team. She's my account rep and always brings a ton of great ideas to the table when we do our check-ins. They have a lot of features, so many options when it comes to targeting your website visitors, I simply don't have enough hours in my day to do them all but there' lots you can do with their app. Definitely worth trying if you are on the fence.

Kerrits Equestrian Apparel
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