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Katana is the right blend of simplicity and automation for our organization and we think it can take us to 10x the revenue we have now.
The implementation was straightforward and the integration to Shopify and Xero was the deciding factor. The variants we create in Shopify come directly to Katana for simplified setup.
There are a few gaps that we have been able to work around, but with the regular cadence of releases, we are confident they will be filled.

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Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2023年7月17日

Thanks for the review!

Great to hear you're getting good value from Katana, and in particular the Xero integration which we've spent plenty of resources on.

We'll keep on improving Katana and plug those gaps and make it even better :)


Katana completely changed the flow between our website and our workshop. Can’t recommend it enough; especially if you make to order!

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Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2019年3月26日

Thanks for sharing your experience with Katana! 🙏🏼


I use Katana to track purchases of raw materials and inventory for my small manufacturing business. It's easy to use, powerful and they keep making it better. Very good support if you need to contact them with any questions. I evaluated a number of options and this was by far and away the best.

Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2019年8月12日

Thank you for the review and looking forward to growing together! 🚀


It really changed how me manage our production. Thanks to the Shopify app we now have a fully automatised process including invoicing in Quickbooks! Great product. Thanks Katana Team!

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Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2020年6月19日

Thank you and happy to grow with you!


Katana has been a game changer for us. If you are a small manufacture this is the solution you have been looking for. This application continually gets better with more features added all the time. If you are small and need to get a better hold on your inventory levels in a way that will allow you to rapidly expand in the future I highly suggest getting this application.

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Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2020年1月27日

Thank you for the support!


Katana is an amazing app for any business owner looking to manage inventory. It integrates perfectly with Shopify and allows you to seamlessly manage orders and inventory. Katana is a MUST HAVE, better than any MRP system I have used.

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Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2020年6月2日

Thank you for your support! 💪


Katana support is terrific. Katana is simple, clean, and effective. Easy to use. When we have encountered questions, Katana has been very responsive with support. No app is perfect, however Katana's team makes it a real winner.

Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2020年1月22日

Thank you so much! We do our best daily to be as responsive and helpful as possible. 🙇


Katana has come a long way. This review is as of Dec 2020, so some things may be out of date. Great MRP for small manufacturers. I find that Katana is nice at helping make sure that I keep track of inventory across multiple locations. I think that they are very close to nailing fair pricing options. It would be nice to have a way to add more than 3 warehouses to the basic plan. The support has been great even though it can take a little bit of time to get a hold of someone or hear back. I'd rather have it take 2 days with a great answer than sooner with a poor solution. They take suggestions like any software company should, I just wish they prioritized fixed costs for purchase orders. As of now, you cannot ass shipping costs, duties, insurance, etc to POs for inventory cost tracking.

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Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2020年12月28日

Thank you for your feedback.


We are very happy with Katana, it has been instrumental in moving our small business away from spreadsheets to manage our inventory levels. The system is built very elegantly, allowing for flexibility and excellent traceability. Great overview of manufacturing orders, progress and stock levels to prevent any out of stock situations. The support team are very responsive and knowledgeable.

Dianne Caine Australia
Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2019年9月10日

Thank you for the support! 🙌🏼


We're using this to organize and manage inventory for skincare. It seems to do most of everything we want it to!

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Katana Cloud Inventoryが返信しました 2020年2月6日

Thank you for the feedback! 💪