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23 december 2022

This app is a good introductory software for a business that is entering into the MRP/ERP system world for their company. It is priced fairly for less barrier of entry and the overall ease of use is pretty straight forward. The transactions and methods seem to work as expected. I wish the speed was a little bit better, but being that this is cloud based that is kind of to be expected. I still have some trouble syncing with my shopify store and looking to get this resolved with the tech support.

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30 januari 2023

We have multiple shopify stores (for language/currency reasons). Additionally, we have a third-party billing system for our wholesale. We need to keep our inventory in synch across all of them. Katana works out of the box for the shopify part, and using its API we are able to connect the wholesale part as well.

Beyond that, we augmented Katana's reporting capabilities using one of the 3rd party apps they partner with to connect their data to a PowerBI front-end. The data model is straight forward, so developing the queries was intuitive.

All in all, Katana is a great solution for inventory management and manufacturing process control as is, and flexible/extendible if you need to add more sophisticated use cases.

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Katana Cloud Inventory heeft geantwoord 30 januari 2023

Thanks for your detailed review!
The team that are building out our API are happy to hear you're finding it straight forward to use — exactly what we're aiming to help with for developers to make the customizable workflows they need.

15 december 2022

Katana has been useful right out of the gate with their Shopify integration. It pulled in our products automatically and made it easy to create work orders from the sales we're getting.

We're not fully utilizing the inventory management, but it helps with the major parts of our manufacturing process. We've seen regular updates from the developer, so we're hopeful they will support and develop this product for a long time.

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Katana Cloud Inventory heeft geantwoord 20 december 2022

Thanks for your review!

We definitely will keep developing and improving Katana over the next few years — that's our plan :)

Happy as well to hear it's been helpful for you without even using the inventory management functionality yet too!

14 juli 2023

Katana is the right blend of simplicity and automation for our organization and we think it can take us to 10x the revenue we have now.
The implementation was straightforward and the integration to Shopify and Xero was the deciding factor. The variants we create in Shopify come directly to Katana for simplified setup.
There are a few gaps that we have been able to work around, but with the regular cadence of releases, we are confident they will be filled.

Backland Expedition Gear
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Katana Cloud Inventory heeft geantwoord 17 juli 2023

Thanks for the review!

Great to hear you're getting good value from Katana, and in particular the Xero integration which we've spent plenty of resources on.

We'll keep on improving Katana and plug those gaps and make it even better :)

17 november 2022

Katana is a simple to set-up, simple to use inventory control app that is ideal for a small manufacturer. We tried Fishbowl for a couple of years but it is difficult to implement and the support was terrible. The Katana team is readily available to help you get started, but not much help is needed as it is very intuitive.

Clearly Loved Pets
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Katana Cloud Inventory heeft geantwoord 17 november 2022

Thanks for your review! Great to hear you're finding Katana simple and easy to use for your manufacturing business - that's exactly what we're aiming for :)

3 februari 2023

We run a factory in San Diego for apparel and Katana has been helpful in getting our departments organized while being a shopify store. I would recommend this app to anyone looking to level up their production.

Freedom Rave Wear
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22 november 2022

It's taken us nearly a year to get fully up and running with the katana app, but now that we are we will never look back. This platform is extremely helpful, the support is fantastic, and the continued updates are very much appreciated. Best Shopify App in our roster.

Huck Cycles
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Katana Cloud Inventory heeft geantwoord 14 december 2022

So great to hear we're your favorite Shopify app! We've got some nice updates coming in 2023 which hopefully make your team even more happy, glad to have you with us.

5 april 2023

This app works brilliantly - the UX/UI is very well done, customer support is quick and it's a perfect solution for our business. Costly, but worth the money!

Bloom & Wolf
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15 december 2022

This is by far one of the most affordable options for PO, SO, and inventory management.

We are still dialing in the setup, but so far we are very happy with the product.

Clean Age
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10 maart 2023

Very impressed with the inventory management in this app. Easy to see where things are committed and what stock is required to fulfill orders. The support team are brilliant too, very responsive and helpful with suggestions to make the workflow as smooth as possible.

FCubed Fitness
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