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Kea Labs: Smart Search

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Make your Search profitable with AI and Machine Learning

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Relevant and Fast

Kea Labs deeply analyses content to make search more relevant. It offers autocomplete search with spelling tolerance and dynamic filtering.

Profit-oriented Search

Kea Labs evaluates potential profit, demand trends and customer interests to achieve the ultimate goal - sell more.

Ultimate Control

Customise design to match your style. Support your marketing goals with custom campaigns and manual search adjustments.

Su Kea Labs: Smart Search

What is Kea Labs?

Kea Labs is the ultimate search solution you need. It not only brings relevant results to your customers, but also optimises ranking with an ultimate goal - maximise store profit.

Kea Labs completely replaces in-store Search by two parts: rapidly fast search bar with autocomplete and Search Results page with automatic filters. It also may search over any content - products, articles, reviews, etc.


  • Self learning Search. Continuously improves relevance based on the processing customer actions using Machine Learning
  • Search suggestions and autocomplete
  • Faceted search with automatic filters
  • Advanced linguistics: spell-tolerance, synonyms, multilingual search
  • Algorithms to boost revenue
  • Search by colours from photos
  • Automated and frequent catalog enrichment
  • Customisable user interface to suit your store design
  • Automatic scaling with your business needs
  • Simply works instantly on any device

Why Kea Labs?

Kea Labs is easy, but flexible inside. You may not only customise style, but also adjust your search behaviour. Do you need to search over product names, descriptions, brands, attributes? What priority should be for this information? Or does your business require special information for search, like vendor codes, identifiers, or part numbers? Kea Labs may easily be customised, and our team will be glad to advise you how to gain more from the search.

Kea Labs steps further from textual information - it also analyses product photos, gets real colours and helps customers to pick by exact colour. Customers of apparel, shoes or interior stores especially love this colour search.

Kea Labs scales with your business. It works well even for large stores and easily handles stores with a couple of hundreds of thousands products and millions search queries per month.

Kea Labs makes search an integral part of your marketing strategy to help you reach marketing goals.

Actionable Analytics

Kea Labs analyses customer actions through the whole search journey and brings dozens of useful insights. Starting from simple ones like popularity of products, categories or search phases, or which search queries didn’t bring any results. To advanced information like trends, changes in demand, or what customers are buying after particular phrases.

Ready to start?

Install the application and go through a simple on-boarding. You may safely customise look and feel with our Preview tool. Your customers will see search only when you are happy with the style and switch search on. Our team will be happy to assist through all of these.

You will get 14 days of free trial. After the trial, you will be charged automatically according to your tier. Pricing is based on number of unique products and number of search sessions.

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Prezzi 14 giorni di prova gratuita



  • Up to 300 products
  • Up to 1000 search sessions



o $49.17/mese fatturato a $590 una volta all'anno

  • Up to 2000 products
  • Up to 10000 search sessions



o $124.17/mese fatturato a $1,490 una volta all'anno

  • Up to 5000 products
  • Up to 20000 search sessions



o $332.50/mese fatturato a $3,990 una volta all'anno

  • Up to 20000 products
  • Up to 50000 search sessions

* Tutte le spese sono fatturate in USD.
** Le addebiti ricorrenti, comprese le spese per utilizzo o mensili, sono fatturate ogni 30 giorni.

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Le recensioni più recenti

Dallas Wholesalers

Superb app. Provides high quality search results. Beautiful navigational filter display. Customer service is exceptional. We have several apps on our site, but the Kea Labs Smart Search app exceeds in functionality. We depend upon this app for precise, quick, detailed search results and it delivers that exceptionally to our customers. Our background analytics show our customers locate their items quickly while gathering search results from tags, product titles, product descriptions etc. If you do not have superb search results, it is costing your company money in lost revenue. After trying two other highly recommended search apps that offered poor customer service, we searched for other options. We found Kea Labs Smart Search. After installing the app, we knew with some customization from Kea Labs technical team, we would have a search app that would be specific for our needs and become the "work horse" of our site. Their detail and customer service response to this customization was beyond industry standard. I highly recommend the Kea Labs Smart Search app for any shopify storefront whether that be one that holds thousands of products like ours or a smaller site just starting out. You will not be disappointed.

Geraldine Gilbert
Dallas Wholesalers