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Editado a 8 de maio de 2019

So here’s the thing, I decided to switch from ShoutOut to Kickbooster because Kickbooster offered their own marketplace. This marketplace is a little confusing because it resembles a crowd funding website and is quite small in comparison to others, nevertheless, I didn’t have the App installed long enough to see any benefits of Kickbooster’s marketplace other than 3 sign ups and zero sales in the 21 day trial period.

I ended up removing the App because unless your run your business in USD then it’s not going to work for you. Reason being, I offer 10% referral commission and I transact in AUD, so if a referred sale came through for $150 the affiliate is going to expect $15. What happens is Kickbooster converts the amounts into USD and then pays out in USD. The issue I have is if the affiliate is expecting their 10% (ie AUD $15) they’re 99% likely to end up with more or less because of fluctuating exchange rates. I thought I’d knock this on the head before my program grew because this will be a major issue down the track with affiliates complaining they didn’t receive the correct commission amounts. FYI ShoutOut and Affilio transact in your local currency so this is worth noting.

I also found Kickboosters admin and features far more limiting and restrictive compared to ShoutOut.

On a positive, Diana in support is amazing.

Glyco Skincare
29 days usando a aplicação
20 de maio de 2019

There is potential.

The good: Option to auto create discount codes, sign up page looks nice, very simple, elegant disign, very user friendly for the merchant and affiliate
Design and visual implementation 5/5

The bad:
-No white labeling
-Your recruiting for kickbooster
-It's clear to affiliates they are joining kickbooster more than your stores affiliate program
-So they're signing up to MY affiliate program, but you need them to opt in seperately from them opting in to kickbooster to show me their info? WHAT?? Find your own affiliates kickbooster...
-WHY WOULD I WANT MY AFFILIATES PROMOTING OTHER COMPANIES? No way to opt out of displaying the marketplace
- Links are mandatory and not from your own domain
- Didn't see a way to embed signup form
-No klaviyo or mailchimp integration. Not sure how to contact them (if they decide to opt in to join my affiliate program after joining my affiliate program)
-It gives them the option to opt in to receiving marketing from kickbooster
Actual usefulness of app 0/5

We get about a hundred signups a day and kickbooster wants to charge me to recruit them for kickbooster. Hard pass.

The Great North
Estados Unidos
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