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14 december 2022

Having installed and tried many option apps (most of them having monthly fees) only to have them fail due to various reasons. Also our website only has a other app on it so no reason for these other apps not to work due to conflicts.

So many hours installing, uninstalling, removing code, you name it. I decided to give this app a try - I am pleasantly surprised how easy the app is to use, the layout is perfect, so many options that can be added. In fact too many very nice features to even list.

So far, everything is running very smoothly and no issue with our other basic app which is simply a review app.

You will be surprised as I was at how easy it is to use and the many features that most of the paid apps we tried and installed didn't have.
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29 augustus 2023

It really is a good app, but I knocked off a star for two reasons:

First, the dearth of documentation. The FAQ link goes to a table of contents, but all of the links (to appear to be dead, and have been since I installed the app.

Second, there is no visual indication of when a variant is sold out. Yes, you still see Shopify's "Sold Out," but the swatch looks like all the others. There are settings that let you load an image (via URL) and change the border for disabled variants, but they don't function. While this may sound like a minor issue, I know I find it frustrating to have to click a button before I can see if something is in stock—I want to know at a glance—and I'm concerned that my customers will feel the same way.

This message is both a review, and, since none of this is documented, a warning to those who may be trying to get the function to work that it's not you: It's a problem with the app.

That said, I know from reading other reviews and responses that this is a two-man operation and that they're creating and supporting numerous apps. This Product Options app adds a GREAT DEAL of functionality that Shopify does not natively, and it's clear that they have tweaked and added additional features based on customer input. I don't like to slam the creators who allow us to do things that Shopify does not—particularly for free!—and that is not my intention here, but I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out what I was doing wrong when, in fact, I wasn't. Hopefully this will save someone else that time.

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12 januari 2023

I was looking for an app which I could use for my store with customizable products. After some search I found this app and it is super easy to use, can add conditions as well in case there are several options. Adding upload function and or text to each product is easily possible. This app helped me a lot, really great and for free.

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10 maart 2023

The app is incredibly user-friendly and easy to use, even for those who are not tech-savvy. One of the features I love about this app is the ability to customize each variant with its own unique pricing. This has allowed me to create a more personalized shopping experience for my customers and has increased my sales significantly.
Overall, I highly recommend the app to any Shopify store owner looking to offer a wider range of product variants without sacrificing the user experience.
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18 november 2022

I tried several apps, some were paid, some only allowed my to add to 1 product. King Product Options was a perfect integration to my store, and worked seamlessly. Very easy to set up. Now makes it easier for my customers.

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Bewerkt 13 juni 2023

Seems to work well so far for me. However I cannot figure out how to change font style or bold/unbold to match my existing shopify options so that is frustrating from an aesthetics point

*update: within an hour I received an email and they had gone ahead and updated the fonts to match that of my store! :)

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Best heeft geantwoord 13 juni 2023


We have fixed this problem for you.

We have sent you an email. Please pay attention to the email we sent you, you can directly reply to this email for our help.

best wishes!

King app

6 mei 2023

Works perfect and very easy to setup for specific products, without messing up anything. i had problems with showing up the options for text and image. i sent them mail and they fixed the issue in 2-3 hours. Excellent service and the best variants/ options app for shopify.

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28 april 2023

After searching through a number of apps and finding them all so difficult to use, this one solved all of my problems. It's the easiest to use and super straight forward. And to top it all off, it's FREE!! Other apps I was using were charging up to $20 a month which can add up if you're just starting out and were not nearly as helpful as this app is. I highly recommend!

Onyx Motorsports
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21 september 2023

I tried 4 other apps before I installed this one. I could not set up conditions on any of those apps. That is why I was surprised by how easy it was to do that with King Product Options and Variant. Highly recommend!

Tumbler Crafted
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23 mei 2023

I have been using this app for a long time now! It's easy to use and the customer service is FAST and kind! So may options for variants and information. I could not operate my site as a small business owner just starting out without this app! 10/10!

Grant and Graham
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