Reward your Customers for Sustainable Shopping

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Reach new green Clients

Tap into the Kiri Community to reach a new audience of sustainable customers.

Increase Retention

By rewarding your existing customers with KiriCoin, you value their sustainable purchases and include them in a sustainable community.

Be a Leader of Sustainability

Show your sustainable DNA by joining a green community of pioneer users and brands alike.

Podrobnosti o KiriCoin

Welcome to Kiri! Join the growing green community by rewarding sustainable purchases of your customers inside your shop. Enable a truly green loyalty program for your shop today.

How it works

Your customers buy a sustainable product inside your shop and get rewarded with KiriCoin as a cashback. They can then go to the Kiri Marketplace and redeem unique and sustainable offers for their KiriCoin. Kiri provides a green loyalty program for your customers. Directly inside your shop.

How to get started

The first step is to identify with us which of your products or services are sustainable and save CO2. We kindly ask you to get in touch with us to tell us your sustainable story. Once we know why your products are sustainable, we agree on a KiriCoin amount for each sold product with you. Every sold item will generate that amount and the customer automatically receives it as a green cashback program of your store.

How to set up KiriCoin on your Shop

Install the Shopify app and choose where you want to enable the KiriCoin on your shop. Your customers will see the amount of KiriCoin they can earn for each sustainable product and at the checkout. After a purchase, we will notify them of their earnings. All the visual details will adjust to the theme and style of your shop. No coding is required. Our support team is available to provide any assistance you might need.

Attract new Clients

Boost your shop's visibility by joining an extensive network of Kiri users that earn and spend KiriCoin every day. By becoming a Green Partner, your store attracts all Kiri users who consume sustainably and want to receive more KiriCoin.

Retain existing Customers

KiriCoin works like a cashback for every sustainable item inside your shop. You choose the level of the cashback (e.g., 10%) and any customer of your store will receive an immediate cashback in KiriCoin for their purchase.

Reward Sustainability

Strengthen your sustainable positioning by actively rewarding green behaviours of your customers. Lead the way to a more sustainable future and become an integral part of the Kiri Community: a true Green Partner.

Additional Information

KiriCoin is not a cryptocurrency. Kiri Technologies Ltd takes care of all the loyalty program's administrative, bureaucratic, and legal aspects.

Copyright Kiri Technologies Ltd 2020 onwards. All rights reserved.

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