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Redigeret 20. juni 2023

Update: this app used to be very good but the support is not responsive even after 4 days of waiting. It's hard to reach them although it is mentioned they are available every day. I have checked the chat logs and emails even spam folder and nothing! Very sad to see good apps like this lower their level of customer service after some time. Might switch to another app soon since the app is also throwing an error in our theme.

Old review Sep 2022: This app is very easy to work with and has lots of features. The support team is fantastic!! Highly recommend it

Mere end et år bruger appen
Staytuned svarede 19. september 2022

Hi Devoteewear! We love the images you use in the size charts. To be honest, we had never before known how to measure for activewear... until now!

So, thank you for teaching us! (Also, we are always around to help if you need anything)!

30. august 2022

The app itself is great! The support could help me a little out as well at the beginning. Sadly that changed. I made a reqeust around 3 weeks ago and they replied, that they will have a look at it. Then a day later they said, they will fix this now and do some CSS. Sadly after that, I contacted them many times and got only one reply saying he will chase this up with the colleague I was in contact before. And now since two weeks, there is not one reply from them. Contacted them many times, but don't get an answer anymore.

8 måneder bruger appen
Staytuned svarede 31. august 2022

Thank you for taking the time to write this review. I'm so sorry about your poor support experience. You're right - we messed up, and we messed up repeatedly. We set high service standards for ourselves here at Kiwi and we failed to deliver on those standards. I apologize sincerely.

Now it's our duty to make amends. Someone on our team is reaching out to you immediately within the existing chat to make sure you receive proper service. We're also keeping your conversation in our priority queue to make sure that we respond promptly to all your messages. I will be checking in personally once a day as an additional failsafe.

I've reached out to you separately via direct email as well. If you have any other frustrations or concerns, please share them with me - I want to make sure you get the top quality service you deserve.


Hannes Bez
Customer Experience Lead

28. maj 2022

The size chat is great, but I can not find a way to contact with your team.
I have a problem about the size quick view, it has no effect in my current theme, but I can not get any help.
Also, this app will distort the pictures when you use the Shopify theme Avenue

7 måneder bruger appen
Staytuned svarede 21. juni 2022

Hi Mewow team!
It seems like we are having some challenges both ways— as we have tried emailing you several times to help sort through this issue (directly emailing you May 30, June 8 and again today). In case the email gods aren't smiling in our favor, we are now chatting in to your chat on your site to try to reach you. We've even searched instagram to try and find another contact for you!

Email us at if you aren't getting our emails and we can fix this issue for you!!


-Lauralynn at Kiwi

27. juli 2019

Easy to use but the reason why I gave this a 3 star review is that you can NEVER open this app to make any edits without the review button popping up so to get rid of it I am doing a review so I can just go in and use the app when I want to without having to close the review box. It's super annoying, when you're busy and just want to get a quick edit done you have to close the review box..

The support is great when you need it, which you will because some of their set up isn't easy to follow without asking for help. Like editing the cms on each row and removing that. But the support is fast, and there are never any problems with the app performing.

We Made It Bitches
4 måneder bruger appen
Staytuned svarede 27. juli 2019

Hi, thank you for the feedback and we are really sorry for the trouble. We are always trying to make the experience better for for our customers and we will go ahead and make the review pop-up much less frequent. Again, sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you will continue using our app

Redigeret 6. juli 2022

Why did your size chart suddenly explode?I paid specifically to use your features for you.HOLY SHIT.Problem solved in time, give 3 points

3 måneder bruger appen
Staytuned svarede 5. juli 2022

We're so sorry for the disruptions! We fixed the problem and the issue should now be fully resolved.

The issue was caused by a technical error on our servers triggered by the Shopify Admin outage earlier today. Unfortunately, this happened during our teams' offline hours, so it took longer to discover and fix than we would normally expect.

Please reach out to us if you're still experiencing problems - our support team is online and standing by.

1. februar 2024

16 minutter bruger appen
Staytuned svarede 7. februar 2024

Hi deevinekreations and team!

My name is Sharky, Team Supervisor here at Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender.

Can you tell me more about your feedback? I'd love to hear more about this review. Is there anything that we can do to improve and make your experience even better?

I hope to hear from you soon!

Respectfully yours,
Team Supervisor - Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender

5. december 2023

Urban Fans
Cirka 7 timer bruger appen
Staytuned svarede 7. december 2023

Hi Urban Fans!

My name is Sharky, Team Supervisor here at Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender.

Your feedback on our app is very important and we would like to hear about your experience. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience even better!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Respectfully yours,
Team Supervisor - Kiwi Size Chart & Recommender