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30. kesäkuu 2024

There billing is deplorable. You can't make changes to your account without being double billed. They don't do proration and then if you wait to change your plan at the end of your billing so you don't get double charged they will still charge you for the highest plan and tell you that they can't help you and you aren't owed a refund of the difference.

I call that theft. I downgraded to a $100 plan and entered my info to pay for that plan. Instead of it charging me for the new $100 plan I was charged $205. I reached out immediately to get the difference refunded. I was told that I paid the bill before I made the change which was 100% false because I updated the payment information after I made the plan change.

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23. kesäkuu 2024

My email photos are broken, and the emails look like a joke on the free plan. You get what you pay for. When I tried to upgrade, the least expensive plan I can purchase is $350 a month!!! What a joke. First of all, my niche does not do well with email marketing; I need minimal emails, but I need to them to be professional. Klaviyo emails ruin my credibility. Can't get any customer service because I refuse to pay $350!

PF Wonder Salve
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23. toukokuu 2024

Pretty crazy price increases on lifelong customers; we've been a customer since we ever started our business and Klaviyo has unfortunately become the only app in our stack that constantly increases their prices while adding 0 new features/functionality. it's good until you get up to ~50,000 or so profiles, then you should look to switch off of them.

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16. kesäkuu 2024

Think twice before using or even trying the app. They charge for unnecessary things as well as lack professionalism and communication. If you value your company and need solutions immediately choose an app that will be there for you when you need them instead of a company just out here to make a quick buck. They have many competitors with the same features who are not looking to be a problem but a solution for your business.

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30. huhtikuu 2024

Added the Reviews feature, and before we've had a chance to even send out a single review request, a notification has come through that we've "used 97% of your monthly plan for reviews."

Not 1 single review request email has even been sent. And we owe $250 in review request charges? Doesn't make a lick of sense.

A review feature should bill based on reviews. Klaviyo is already a super pricey platform, really disappointing to see them treating well paying customers like this.

Bitters & Bottles
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7. kesäkuu 2024

It was working fine until I tried downgrading my account and it got deleted. I want to recover my account but the customer support is SOOO difficult to reach! They never pick up their phone. On emails, they are cold and not helpful at all!! Its frustrating and I am regretting relying on Klaviyo to begin with!
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Klaviyo vastasi 11. kesäkuu 2024

Hello, we are sorry to hear you deleted your account. We have the option to downgrade to a free plan, we also have the option to delete your account. Unfortunately if you deleted your account, that data is gone. We do have in-app warning and verbiage expressing this. We do not offer phone support. If you are in an email thread with one of our techs, they can assist you that way.

More info can be found in our help center article:

13. kesäkuu 2024

One those "large" companies that wont help you when you need it. Expensive to the max for this program also. If you are a "large" company also then maybe this app is for you. But for small biz - im going a cheaper route with an agent that can actually help me.

Grip Clean
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16. heinäkuu 2024

They've already started increasing the price on us, despite the fact that we are still learning the system and have hardly sent any emails. I'm not seeing value for money yet. The built in shopify emailing system was adequate for us.

Little Cove Collective
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15. toukokuu 2024

Stay away and use someone else!

We've been with them for four years and it's gotten ridiculous. We had to spend 1200 for an email that had generated $200 in revenue. A complete ripoff.

There's better options. Support is the worst. At some point, they were the only players in the ecommerce game. Things have changed. Stay away because they will steal from you when you have actual volume.

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14. kesäkuu 2024

If you need any level of customer support, I'd recommend avoiding this platform. When the app works, it's good. However, I had a problem with their Flows - some of the conditional filters weren't behaving as expected - and opened a support ticket on 4/11/24. Today is 6/14/24 and all I have is repeated emails from their support teams after I ask them for updates saying "engineering is still working on it". Absolutely terrible support and there's no way to speak to anyone about the issue beyond chat and email.

Today's Patio
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