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5 aprile 2023

Horrible customer support. I wait 2 days for a reply from someone just for them not to give any help whatsoever.

IceBox Mini
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1 aprile 2023

Changed my plan from Free to $20 per month used 1200 emails out of my 5000 monthly limit went to send and email campaign with 550 email addresses got a message saying upgrade plan to $30 you have exceeded your profile limit. What is this? Totally confusing just cancelled my plan. Not very happy.

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22 marzo 2023

Klaviyo is hands down the best email service for Shopify - the real-time segments that can be built using all sorts of data points are gold for building out automations.

Empire Skate NZ
Nuova Zelanda
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22 marzo 2023

Definitely the "gold standard" in e-mail marketing. Klaviyo's automation is top-tier -- it's quite intensive and a little intimidating at first, but the growth team's superb webinars and extensive help resources make it easy to master. Highly recommend Klaviyo!

Moods of Ireland
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17 marzo 2023

I have to say I’m not impressed with the customer service. I have had to explain the same issue several times. I sent pictures and a video clip showing my issue and it has still not being resolved. Instead I keep getting people sending me videos of how the same thing. I don’t think I’ll will be moving forward with this app. And I have wasted a lot time trying to set up flows

Belle Mone' Boutique
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14 marzo 2023

Works brilliantly with Shopify, is designed FOR e-commerce, is very intuitive and the support is amazing and fast (I'm saying that has a very non technical person who has to do all of this stuff on my own for our brand)

Irregular Sleep Pattern
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14 marzo 2023

A truly amazing product that works really well and has a lot of features! They also have great people to work with!

Gussys Gut
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13 marzo 2023

You can't do "notify when in stock" or abandoned cart capturing on Shopify 2.0 themes like Dawn. Bummer.

Joanne Hudson Basics
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5 marzo 2023

The app is good and has many different conditions and triggers, but Klaviyo has a massive room for improvement compared to other email marketing companies.

Cons: however, the biggest disadvantage is that they do not have an option that could allow using template inflows, you basically have to create everything from scratch by yourself.

Pros: as I said it has many different triggers and rules that you can set up.
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4 marzo 2023

BE CAREFUL! These guys are THIEVES! We installed Klaviyo and never used it but they charges us for the monthly subscription. When we reached out to ask for a refund, they simply said that due to their "policy" that they don't allow refunds on un-used subscritpions. Never heard of this one before. You deservbe to be shut down for scamming people like this.

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