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Promotions, Loyalty, Referrals

Supercharge your business with AI-based social feed, automated promotions, unique loyalty and referral program… all in one organised app!

Boost Conversions in minutes

Our promotional bots influence hesitating visitors to convert them into buyers, boosting sales and reducing your bounce rates!

Increase Brand Trust with ease

Improve store credibility with recent customer purchases and notable shopping activity!

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Fast and Easy start - No coding is required, install and setup in one minute!

About Kollective AI-based Sales optimisation:

Fully Automated Conversion Optimisation is done by Creating Social Proof, unique Loyalty and referral program.

Why Kollective? Fact is, businesses that earn more from repeat customers are more likely to be successful. Not only does it cost less to earn an additional purchase from a repeat customer, but repeat customers spend four to eight times more per transaction than first-time visitors! Thousands of merchants have used Kollective to dramatically increase purchases from existing customers, and our app can do the same for you. Why is Kollective so great?

Here are at least 10 reasons:

1.Free 10 days of trial!

2.Fully automated! Just sit back and watch the app gain more sales for your store!

3.Using enhanced AI capabilities, the app constantly learns how to elevate conversion and drive loyalty.

4.Banners are triggered at the right moment to show choices and purchases done by others, creating a strong incentive to follow and complete a purchase.

5.Bots are enacted to help customers decide what to buy and push them towards check out.

6.A smart feed is available to show all active purchases done by others with an effective timer creating urgency to join in and check out fast.

7.A unique loyalty and referral program is in action – credits earned are increased with every additional buyer that joins an active group purchase. However, you define the maximum amount of credits for earning. This way, you can offer very high earnings with very low risk.

8.Customers are incentivised to join other people’s purchases, with their own items, earn more credits and invite others to join in.

9.Activity and occurrences are measured and monitored so that the user experience is optimised and the customer is not interrupted.

10.Easy to Use. No coding needed. The app has an efficient on-boarding process that gets you set up in a minute.

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