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Data modifica: 18 aprile 2020

I was dealing with Pavel and he is an absolute credit to Koongo, guided me through everything and made it all easy. Such a fantastic app and such a great help for my store.

16 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
30 dicembre 2021

I have selected the app to scale my business and save time. I am in the first days of implementation and what I see is very promising. On top of the quality of the platform the customer support is excellent.

Tabita Bags with Love
15 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
28 ottobre 2019

I am not trained in this by no means and I count of the professionals to iron out all the difficult parts which you are doing Thank you for your help This App is complicated but will generate the results my products needs for sure

Hathrowa Enterprise
14 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
5 agosto 2022

Sorry to inform that this App does not work at all. Koongo's services are very poor and the help was not effective. They respond only by email which will take times for them to respond. They are unable to help syncing my products and even incapable to figure out how to do it. I am very disappointed as my hope was to be able to connect my store with eBay and Amazon, manage my inventory loads etc... Their system failed and gave a lot of errors over and over again. No solutions and their systems are very confusing. The worst, they are very expensive. I deleted the App a week after installing. It was a total mess when testing the system. They sent confusing emails too me that did not give any real solutions on how to solve the issues. I had to try to figure out myself until I decided the App did not work at all. Do not install this App because it will not work and you have to try anything yourself with no real support from Koongo. I don't recommend their App to future users!!! Failed system...!

12 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Koongo ha risposto 9 agosto 2022


thanks for the review. I'm sorry for your negative experience. In general, Amazon and eBay integrations are quite demanding in terms of product data. I see from our internal communication that there were missing EAN codes for many of your products. EAN codes are mandatory for eBay and Amazon. The merchant should provide valid EAN codes for products that should be listed on Amazon or eBay. I'm sorry but Koongo is not able to help with product missing data.

In regards to pricing, Koongo uses a dynamic pricing model. The Koongo subscription is based on specific merchant needs. If you compare Koongo pricing with our competitors, I believe Koongo is one of the most affordable ones.

If you decide to give Koongo one more chance, we'll be happy to help you with channel integration.

Best regards,

Data modifica: 9 dicembre 2022

Great service by the support team. It was for me new information, but he truly helped me getting my webshop connected. Thank you

ANDES Exclusive
Paesi Bassi
7 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
21 marzo 2022

Super application! Dès qu'il y a une erreur, le support est réactif! Personnalisation en fonction des besoins. SAV au top réactif et professionnel!!

European Max Store
5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
18 novembre 2022

Extremely easy to use, very reliable and relatively cheap compared to commission based integrators. It is extremely helpful in generating feeds quickly and once set up all new products are automatically added. Great customer support too!

Vilbury London
Regno Unito
5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 23 febbraio 2019

Very good app. And the support is very helpfull and quick! unlike the marketplace's staff i am working on......

5 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
7 giugno 2022

We use the application on our two websites and we are very satisfied. Everything works as it should, clear interface and very fast and helpful support. I recommend.

4 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
25 ottobre 2019

I used this software to sync with amazon it deleted all my variation on amazon. Beware do not use this app very bad customer service it took 24 hours for reply. Lost sales for second day

Stati Uniti
1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
Koongo ha risposto 28 ottobre 2019

Thanks for your review. I'm sorry about the issue but it is not possible to adjust listing manually and automatically via API at the same time. The listing changes overwrite each other. Also, if your listings were adjusted manually in the past it was necessary to backup your Amazon listing before API connection adjustment.

I'm sorry but there was no 24-hour delay in reply, we started to help you to restore Amazon listing once the problem was reported, working on that also over the weekend.