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10 agosto 2016

Nice App so far! Will update if any issues.

Signature Blends Hair
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Data modifica: 16 aprile 2016

I used to love them - they made collecting and display reviews/testimonials so easy. Hence, the 2 stars. But the past couple of weeks, the app has been preventing my customers (ie. my $$$) from checking out (they literally cannot click the checkout button) - the worst thing was I didn't actually know it was happening for a while (was wondering about the business slowdown tho') until a customer told me. Contacted them about it after a Shopify guru explained the problem and was told they fixed the problem - but it happened AGAIN. (Hence, the motivation for this review.) I just manually disabled all the widgets. All of you who have this app and experienced a sales slowdown, please go check if your checkout page works! I mean, an app should help me make money, instead of keeping me from making money!


EDIT (16/4/16): I was very annoyed when the issue happened for a second time, hence the original review. Following that, Lovell from Kudobuzz has been helpful in getting the issue resolved, and I really appreciate that. So even though we're still working on it, I've chosen (on my own accord) to edit the earlier review and up the rating to 4 stars.

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19 marzo 2014

I just started using this app but so far it is very user friendly.

Starlight Woods
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18 marzo 2014

Great app and the folks (thank you Kena!) are super helpful and quick to respond. We had some specific needs and their options work great for us.


Mass Street Music
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13 marzo 2014

Hi Kudobuzz
We look forward to using your service forTestimonials and Social Media.
Your program looks Great!

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10 febbraio 2016

Great support, always available to help you
The only thing : you can't easily downgrade. You have to send an email

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Data modifica: 7 agosto 2020

Same issue as Glitterhound. Installed the app, upgraded to some help initially, seems good, but now I'm having trouble actually posting to social media. It's been a week since I last emailed for support. I want to love it....

Update a week later. I got one reply with a vague excuse, essentially "we're working on it", and no response to the other parts of the problem... Now today I try to publish a review on facebook, and get this message.
Invalid App ID: The provided app ID does not look like a valid app ID.

Note, I have a PAID subscription. Terrible, terrible customer service.

Update: So, it seems there were growing pains, with this app, but I stuck with them, and am quite pleased with how it's functioning now overall. There are still little issues that crop up occassionally, but they actually do follow through on complaints, even if it takes awhile sometimes (other times it's very quick). All in all, I'm glad I stayed, good value for the money. Love being able to post my reviews to social media.

Love Your Peaches Clothing Co.
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Data modifica: 11 luglio 2016

After experiencing some issues with the service, they have done some fixes and it seems to be stable again.

The review platform works well, and if it stays up 24/7 we are happy to stay as customers.

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13 marzo 2018

It does what it says and has an attractive display. The website is a bit confusing however, and the free version only allows you to connect one social account.

Sandra Macdougall Art
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28 ottobre 2016

Kudobuzz is a very good review system. There are a few improvements that could be done but overall probably one of the top 5 review apps out there. A little integreation with reviews for specific products being able to show up underneath the products themselves for those ones would be great.

Mmo Gamers Market
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