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7 giugno 2022

Still my preferred apps to use for delivery, instant and able to cater to my request. Great explanation from Christie & Jack from lalamove too!

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6 gennaio 2023


La Carniceria Virtual
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11 luglio 2022

I've saved so much time booking deliveries because of this app. Absolutely love how all the customer details are auto-filled already. A total time-saver and life-saver! I would suggest, however, to: 1) Show the location map while auto-filling in the details during "Send via Lalamove" window (to make sure that the pin is correct) and 2) be able to use automatic coupons in the same window since I noticed that some coupons can only be used when booking through the website manually. 3) I also noticed that it's quite hard to get riders when the booking is multi-stop. Hope all of these can be improved as it is a great app to start with. Thank you, Lalamove!

Rob & Mara
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Data modifica: 26 agosto 2021

Problems encountered during the communication process will be dealt with in time for me
The best app in the near future

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22 ottobre 2021

Really convenient! Hoping for more features where customer can see their estimated delivery fee based on location.

Relx Cebu
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