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Bewerkt 6 februari 2023

killed one day of sale and blame it on shopify while my shop never had any issue before installing langify

Koss Design
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11 maart 2022

It was all working well when it starts to do /zh/zh/zh/zh/zh/zh/zh/zh/zh/zh/zh/zh, now, I am going to switch to another app.

Mind and Body Health Consultancy Pte Ltd
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langify GmbH & Co. KG heeft geantwoord 18 maart 2022

Thank you for your review and sorry for the inconvenience!

Shopify rolled out Shopify Markets and in some cases our language switcher does not play well with it out of the box! We're working on a fix for this and will deploy a corresponding update soon!

Next time I'd suggest getting in touch with our support team which would have fixed this in no time ;)

Bewerkt 26 april 2019

Be cautious if you are planning using this App with a page builder App as Pagefly. You will LOSE all your translation. Langify translates content (like titles, product description, etc), and then stores it in Metafields. PageFly creates custom layout pages via alternate templates. The alternate templates contain hard coded content, and won't have any of the langify Liquid logic, nor be pulling in the metafields that Langify creates. When you reach to them, basically they are putting fault on others and keep saying there will have an update to improve their App...well that's been 2 months that I am said so. There customer service is ok.

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11 augustus 2021

Never again Langify! The worst translation app ever. Hands off! Many translations are simply not working, as the app is not capable to deal with customised shops/themes. Spent hours and hours on this app. Totally frustrating and not worth the money.

Oliver Heemeyer - maker of fine jewellery
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langify GmbH & Co. KG heeft geantwoord 12 augustus 2021

Totally understand your frustration but as our support Team already explained, this was an issue on shopify's end that simply prevented theme translations from showing up when on a 2.0 theme! This really wasn't our fault. Good news is that this has been solved now so you may give us a second chance :)

Bewerkt 30 maart 2019

It works, but leaves so much garbage when uninstalled. It can translate into different languages based on different domains.

EDIT: Putting 1, so much garbage....

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29 april 2020

Real bad support service. My store broke down after incorporating a translation via this app 3 days ago, 3 DAYS NOT SELLING BECAUSE OF THIS APP!!

I have been unable to sell my most important products to my most important customers (german) and THEY HAVE DONE NOTHING TO SOLVE IT!!

We have contacted them 3 days in a row, no solution given.

DO NOT USE THIS APP, SUPPORT SERVICE IS A DISASTER. And it is not cheap at all. Use any other one, look for a better support service.

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2 februari 2018

Pay $ 17 50 for an application that does not work. No thanks ! After 1 year of use, we got tired of it! We have changed ... I do not recommend at all!

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26 februari 2020

If the products are edited through some third app, then don't use this app! It is terrible that now we have to translate each option one by one, and again and again since the one option has different parameters in different pages. I tried to asked help for this, and they just unable to solove this problem currently.

Hongkong SAR van China
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1 november 2021

We use this app but we are very unsatisfied by the service.
Langify continuously adds a lot of code to every page, even if we do not use it on those pages. Our developper has several times tried to discuss this issue with them but unsuccessfully.

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langify GmbH & Co. KG heeft geantwoord 13 november 2021

Hey! You reached out to us once and left the conversation with some "..everything is ok" before leaving this bad review! Beside that I got back to you with instructions on how to prevent langify adding code (which, by default, is disabled anyway). What's your intention?

9 april 2015

The price keeps going up, but the performance is still very amateurish. To charge someone 17.50 for something that you have to do yourself (translating the pages) seems steep. The vendor states he is working on automatic translation, and after almost 1 year using this it has yet to happen. Not impressed.

Skinny Café
Verenigde Staten
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