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16. huhtikuu 2024

Really!? Only for Shopify Plus... not how it is displayed on the app page, can't anyone in Shopify please fix this misleading information...or put the app out free as it says...without conditions? This is really weak...

Paratrooper Shop
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11. elokuu 2023

How can shopify be missing so many basic things? The Shopify App store should have filters for users to find apps easier. Example: LaunchPad... nowhere does it say it's only compatible with Shopify Plus plan or higher... It lets me install it and then says it's not compatible... Why?

Cart Health
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22. marraskuu 2023

Only available for Shopify Plus merchants -_-

Komete XR
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12. marraskuu 2018

We use launchpad to automate the creative on site for all of our sales and promotional events. It makes switching the hero image and messaging very easy so that when the sale day arrives, we can focus on revenue and pushing it out on additional channels rather than the image or copy being incomplete.

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Muokattu 8. marraskuu 2018

our only regret with Launchpad is not using it earlier. it is now an absolute must for us in every Promo or holiday sale event. it has more uses but for us knowing that everything will work flawlessly during a big sale make it an absolute must.
can't suggest it enough

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2. syyskuu 2017

This does have some great features. However, it would be nice if we could run more than one sale at a time. Or even schedule more than one product launch at a time for the month. The launchpad will not enable me to do more than one thing...very limiting. Any upgrades coming soon? Pretty please?

Sew Trendy Accessories
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21. marraskuu 2018

Launchpad is an amazing tool (especially to use around Black Friday/Cyber Monday). We most commonly use Launchpad to schedule theme changes, launch new products and offer product discounts without having a discount code. It's also great to go back and see what sales you have ran in the past or when you launched products.

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9. marraskuu 2018

This app is a must have when you're running large scales and product releases. Can't do BFCM without it!

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Muokattu 8. marraskuu 2018

We switched from coupon driven promotions to using Launchpad a few months ago. Our customers appreciate the convenience of not having to use a coupon when we are offering percentage off promotions. The app works very well. It's also convenient to have the sale end automatically. We haven't had any need of support so I can't offer rating there.
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12. marraskuu 2018

Launchpad is a good tool but I feel it lacks a few features. You can only have one launchpad live at a time. Also, you can't password protect a launchpad promotion which would be useful.

Univar SC
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