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16 aprile 2023

I am still testing this app. It seems to be working well, there is a learning curve, but I am taking my time and getting better.

I am really however wanting to talk about the customer service. Because I feel a reputable good company means that there is good people that are there to help you. I am really impressed with the customer service I got with help making sure something was working correctlly, (Hanah) helped me a lot. I was actually really impressed because I am used to customer service people not being able to understand me or not fully understanding the issue and when I checked Hanah already understood perfectly everything I said, and there was no need for me to check.

The point is, I would choose a company that even wasn't perfect but had GREAT personable customer support, over a company that might work better, but had terrible customer support. So I will be upgrading to a paid plan soon, AND I was told you can request a refund as well. Which is comforting to know, since the paid plans allow you to test out all the features.

So this is a very legit service. With a very clean design, and actually rather simple once you get the hang of it. Thanks for all the help! And have a great day ! ;)

Scrapwood Martial Arts, LLC
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9 agosto 2023

I am very impressed with this app. I tried several apps to post to Amazon, and none of them worked quite right. This one works, and has the benefit of a couple other features that the other apps didn't have 1) if there is an error pushing your listing to one of the channels, they tell you. And it tells you what the error is so it can be resolved. Many of the others are just "black boxes" that require support 5 times a day. 2) being able to add custom content to the Descriptions (such as meta fields from Shopify) was HUGE for me. It's the only one I know of that does that. Finally, when I have needed a bit of help, Support has resolved my questions within 12 hours or so every time. Forget trying to find 5 apps to do the job that this one does all on its own.

Vibeworks Guitars
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LitCommerce ha risposto 24 agosto 2023

Hi there,

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're so glad that you find our app functional during your Amazon integration.

Knowing that channel integration is a real challenge, we always try our best to provide our customers with the support they need to get everything up and running smoothly.

We're always looking for ways to improve our services, so we appreciate your feedback. Thanks again for choosing LitCommerce! We hope you continue to be a satisfied customer for many years to come.

The LitCommerce Team

31 gennaio 2023

Have been pleased with the features and performance of this app. The customer service is also excellent. I had a couple of small issues when first setting up, but they were resolved within 24 hours (and that includes a time zone delay/difference).

I primarily installed this app to be able to sync with EBay after eBay discontinued their official app. This app had the bonus of also being able to keep my Etsy inventory in sync, which I had been using a different app to do. And this one costs less, with more features and a better admin interface.

I tried many of the other eBat/Etsy sync apps. I like this one best because of the fair pricing, and no weird “credits” system. Keep in mind, the product limit applies to each marketplace. So if you have Etsy and eBay added, your product totals are calculated by adding listings from each, even if they are the same listings/items.

The only real feature I feel is missing is a better activity log, current.y it is very vague but at least does indicate that a specific activity took place.

Overall I have been very pleased with the functionality, and inventory and listing sync seems to be working fine. I stopped double-checking daily after the first couple of weeks as it all seemed to be fine. I have always received prompt and polite replies from the support team, and they have always been able to fix my issues and have done so in reasonable timeframes. The price is also very fair, and actually had more features than I was even expecting.

There are useful product sync “rule groups” that make it very easy to keep certain collections of products in sync with wanted behaviors (like increasing/decreasing a certain amount to listings on marketplaces, or setting specific shipping settings in Etsy for certain product types). Saves time having to manually revise multiple listings for traits that are common among them.

Have been pleased with the app and even signed up for the annual plan to save even more money. If you are looking for an eBay/Etsy sync app, this one was very easy to set up and has been working great.

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Data modifica: 21 febbraio 2023

I've never thought of leaving a review mid-set up, but I'm writing this as Ember is helping me solve each and every issue that comes up in real time!! She responded to countless questions pre-sale and promised she would walk me through installation. As soon as I installed the app she took over the support chat and has been at my side the entire time.

The dashboard looks great and appears complete. Syncing sales channels and importing products takes seconds. So far errors have been easy to find and solve. Products are easy to find and sort through. There's a lot to this app.

I'll update the review once I'm finished setting it up, but first impression is the cost of the app is minimal compared to the support I've received.

It's now about 2 weeks since my installation. Lit Commerce works! It's maintained my inventory without any issues.
It is SKU based, so you'll need to make sure all of your products are SKUed and that the SKUs are maintained across any and all platforms you use. That is where you will run into problems if you're not prepared. We identified a few improperly SKUed products quickly. As soon as we made corrections, Lit Commerce immediately synced those products.

Listing products to outside platforms like eBay and Etsy has been a breeze. Searching for the proper eBay categories when listing isn't the best, but once you figure out what the search bar needs, you can do it without any problem. Item specifics you would expect to find on eBay, for example, are all there. Where you do pick up speed is by creating and using templates in Lit Commerce. They are basic information templates that quickly fill a lot of the boxes that are required by individual platforms. I can create a listing on Shopify and cross post to each outside platforms with just a few clicks.

The dashboard is clear and easy to understand without needing any instruction. Linking existing products across platforms is very fast and easy as well. Editing products is easy. Bulk editing is easy... get the point?

I have not had any real issues at all with Lit Commerce, What I thought were "issues" during installation turned out to be SKU problems on my end. That's not Lit Commerce's fault. With that said, I have had questions and it's very easy to reach support.

Speaking of support, I still have Ember, the same support staff that answered my pre-purchase questions. Anytime I have a question, I simply add to our ongoing chat and ask. She's always had an answer that worked. Always friendly and always a personal reply, never a copy/past reply that you see so often.

So far so good! It's been a great addition to my store. Lit Commerce does what it says it's going to do and the support has been excellent to say the least.

DIY Custom Rides
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2 marzo 2023

Very good app, easy to use and navigate. I have tried few integration apps and this one is definitely number one. Pricing could be little bit better as we are a wholesale company so don't really list a lot of items on marketplaces, we find it a little expensive for our use. Customer service is great, any problem gets solved straight away. Good job guys. Keep up the good work. D&D Moda

D&D Moda
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11 dicembre 2022

I was looking for a replacement to the Shopify eBay app since it was being discontinued and decided to go with LitCommerce due to the good reviews. The support has been great during the entire transition process as I experienced a few issues. (Linking items, unknown eBay category, items not updating to eBay, inventory)

My Shopify store has about 80 items with variations but the same items that were already on eBay did not so LitCommerce was unable to link them. Ultimately I had to delete the items from eBay and then re import them via LitCommerce to get them linked which may not be an option for stores with a large amount of items however this is not the fault of LitCommerce. They do offer an All-In-One listing package where they will do all the listing of items for you if you do have a large amount.

Regardless, they stayed online for several hours across 2 days and fixed the issues on their end to ensure everything worked. Yes there are obviously some bugs but it not an easy process to integrate multiple systems as there are so many different scenarios and combinations. The fact that they are willing to fix any issues you have as soon as they can means they are committed to providing a great product and it will only get better as more users come on board and more issues are discovered and fixed.

The interface is simple and easy to use, you can request new features, support is excellent, price is on par with other apps

Wrap Mode
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Data modifica: 17 febbraio 2023

README - I previously tried just about every app for syncing to other sales channels. They all are inherently quirky and have a learning curve, and take a while to setup, and in the end have some major limitations that you have to deal with or work around.

LitCommerce has a few things that are being worked out, but this app DOES WORK, and it works very well. Support is fantastic (thanks Hanah) and this makes up for any shortcomings of the app, and I would almost guarantee (based on their support) that they also take feature requests seriously.

Price - A+ compared to other similar programs
Support - A++ (despite the time difference, but you will wake up with an answer if you are in the US)
Features - B

No negatives, its pretty easy to get working once you understand the templates and recipes AND the limitations of the APIs that they are working with, so sometimes its NOT the app, but the sales channel.

Give it a shot, its probably just what you need if you are reading this.

Blue Buddha Farm
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27 luglio 2023

I have tried other multi-channel apps, but this one seems to be the best thought out. It is highly customizable. If you try it out, take some time learning about the templates and setting them up properly before trying to send listings to other channels. Also, set your channel settings before importing your products. I found chat help to be highly competent, including clear screen shots and coaching me through my learning curve. My session with Ember tonight was exceptional. If you get slow response times, note that they have live chat hours which are primarily in the evenings, if you are in the U.S. Great work Ember and LitCommerce!

Friendly Hills Music
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LitCommerce ha risposto 24 agosto 2023

Thank you so much for your kind words! We're so glad that you're enjoying the LitCommerce Multichannel Selling app and that you have found Ember's support so helpful.

Platform integration is a real challenge so we'll always try our best to get customers go through the process as smoothly as possible. More than anything, your experience with our app matters to us, and please know that we appreciate your feedback. We'll be sure to pass it along to Ember and the rest of our team.

Thanks again for choosing LitCommerce. We are looking forward to creating many more pleasant experiences together!

18 febbraio 2023

Litcommerce has helped simplify adding, syncing and linking our shopify inventory to our ebay store. Any issues have been user error or quickly resolved by the support team.

DO NOT HAVE ANY DOUBTS ABOUT THIS APP, IT WORKS but just like any new app/technology it takes some understanding and learning. If you are having trouble with anything JUST ASK. Support team has been great and helped every step of the way!

5 STARS!!!!

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29 maggio 2023

We've been selling online for about 22 years. As time went on, we needed a system to sync SKUs and orders between all of our online stores. We tried eComDash for a while and that was a complete nightmare. eComDash ALMOST caused us to close our entire business. Finally fed up, we made the decision to search for a better system. Every review and every feature pointed to LitCommerce. I did my homework for about a month and the whole time, LitCommerce's staff was friendly, helpful and extremely timely. We finally made the switch last week. We expected hiccups and we encountered some. However the big difference this time around was that we were with the great staff of LitCommerce the whole way through it. In 22 years, I've never seen better support. Do yourself a favor and try LitCommerce if you need to sync your items from Shopify to other online stores. You will not regret it!

Synergy Mounting Systems
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