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22 april 2024

Don't waste your time. It does not push tracking information back from your Shopify store to Amazon - the most basic functionality. Why does this app even exist. Do better, Lit. The app is definitely not "lit".

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3 dagen gebruiken de app
28 mei 2024

aware the sync function,made me feel very confused, hard to use,waste my time!

8 dagen gebruiken de app
10 april 2024

I had it for 1 day to try it out, it's not good so i canceled the next day and still got charged for a full month.

Home Tool Solutions
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Ongeveer 15 uur gebruiken de app
LitCommerce heeft geantwoord 11 april 2024

Hi there!

We noticed your recent feedback regarding an unfortunate experience where you were unexpectedly charged for our product. Our Support Team is always ready to assist customers in pricing matters.
However, couldn't find any recent communication from you with our team. To better understand the situation and provide the best possible assistance, we kindly request you to share more details about these unexpected fees.

For better discussions, you can contact us during our operating hours, from 08:00 to 23:30 GMT+7 on all weekdays, for Live Chat support.
We look forward to hearing from you soon.

The LitCommerce Team

22 februari 2024

At least for us the app never synchronized either quantity x price on Ebay.

I hate the fact that we users have to give a lot permissions to install the app and then later we see that the app did not work, BUT the data was already shared.

Avoid it !

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LitCommerce heeft geantwoord 23 februari 2024

Hi DaRoAn Team,

Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience and misunderstanding caused during our interaction. We understand your preferences and truly appreciate your trust in granting us the necessary permissions. Starting now, LitCommerce can accompany you on your multichannel selling journey.

It seems that you are having difficulties in synchronizing your product price and quality. Upon checking, we have not received any tickets from you regarding this issue so far. Therefore, our Team has proactively contacted you via our support channel. Rest assured that our support team is fully capable of guiding you through it. Please check your Chat box/Email so we can efficiently assist you!

The LitCommerce Team

9 november 2023

If I could give it a zero I could. This app not only was kicked out of ETSY, and my channel discontinued but then after their full denial of this fact which was documented, my Tik Tok shop was cancelled after 1 day due to data flow inconsistencies and "unusual activity", a fact that the vendor refuses to acknowlege eve after lots of documention. As a result of this "Unusual activity", Tik Tok closed the shop and cancelled an order i had already shipped! .
Sadly I paid for a whole year of this, to get the discount. Now I want my money back but they are "not available." Avoid this app lke the plague.

Lidia's Bags
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2 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 9 september 2023

After months of using this LitCommerce there are suddenly multiple issues with order integration. This has caused unbelievable hassle and even hurt our average shipping times on multiple platforms. LitCommerce staff is slow to respond and after a week of trying to resolve the issue I am still not confident they understand what the problem is.

Metronome Music Inc.
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2 maanden gebruiken de app
30 juni 2023

Do not use this app if you don't want to HURT YOUR REVENUE. This app keeps messing up my options on Etsy for several listings. I basically had to talk to them every day to fix this, then the day after some options in my listings were REMOVED again. I DROPPED REVENUE BADLY because of this technical bug.

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20 dagen gebruiken de app
9 september 2023

We tried this app for a week and it was not straight forward to use, restricted features on ebay when posting products through the app, however we cancelled our free trial yet 2 weeks later we got charged!! shopify showing non subscription with this app and yet they used our credit card information to charge us!?

Medical Arts Shop
14 dagen gebruiken de app
24 september 2023

The app doesn't work properly. They are telling me that i am having trouble because i don't have GTIN Exemption on Amazon although i have and i am able to sync my product via another app.

The worst thing is the customer service!
Although they seem online, it takes ages to get a reply and unfortunately the customer service representatives are unexperienced.

I don't recommend this app at all.

GBS Trend
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8 dagen gebruiken de app
25 oktober 2023

looks like they are hiring fake reviewers because this app doesnt function as it suppose to.
had to spend 5 days to explain them how it didnt work, ended up getting nothing but their poor customer service.
they dont even remove your personal information and keeping all product data even if you ask them to remove. it's very suspicious.
stay away and find other app if you are serious about business.

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