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Bewerkt 19 februari 2024

Nice app really liked it however it causes a major CLS (Content Layout Shift) in Google Pagespeed. Reported it to developer. Developer keeps talking about deferring javascript dev seems confused doesn't know what CLS is. Problem is the app hijacks the primary gallery image on load causing the primary image to flash and the content to shift on the page hence the CLS issue.

Solution is to make the image not change until the user interacts with the options like all the other personalization live preview apps do. Dev suggested adding conditions which then made the primary image blank. Not a solution. Really nice script hope the devs fix it someday.

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Cloudlift heeft geantwoord 16 februari 2024

Hi Merchant, thanks for testing our app! I'm the lead developer of the app and I certainly know about the CLS score.

Our app has two preview modes;

(1) Directly integrate into the theme gallery, this is limited to a single view (fastest option without affecting CLS score)
(2) Replace the theme gallery with our custom app gallery, which is much more powerful and supports multi view previews. (this can affect CLS. Please note that any other app with the same features will have the same effect).

Update: our team just released advanced lazy loading features to our app gallery, now images are dynamically lazy loaded based on device viewport size and space in the gallery!