Loadify: Preloader & TurboMode

Loadify: Preloader & TurboMode

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Seamless page transitions & loading screen within few clicks!

The loading screen

Entertain your customers with a beautiful loading screen. Upload & animate your logo, modify its size, change the background, you name it..

Butter smooth transitions..

Impress your customers with seamless page navigation, choose from four transition types, edit their starting position and background color!

Does it slow down my store?

Thanks to cache technologies, we were able to reduce unnecessary script loads, once visited it's loaded every next page instantly with 0ms!

Loadify: Preloader & TurboModeの詳細情報

BFCM Offer - 30 days free trial instead of 14!

Valid until 30.11.2021

This App is compatible with all themes and suitable for all types of stores.

Animating own logo!

Built in feature to animate your static logo or image with 5 amazing animations!

Page Transitions?

A unique way of navigating thru pages, at the moment you have four options to chose from, Normal slide, Teardrop, Filling tiles, Old TV. All of the transitions work perfectly with the loading image & are fully customizable, starting direction for the animation of the transition, color modification and you have even 3 sound options to add to your navigation. You can animate your static logo too!


This feature is automatically added to your store the moment you Set a loading image. It works based on hover, when your customer hovers with the mouse/finger over a link it triggers the loading for the next page preparing it when the user clicks it! This way for each new page your customer visits, you save him approximately 0.3ms *can vary*.

What will I find in the app?

  1. A dropdown menu where you can find 15 beautiful pre-selected images which are optimized under 300KB for faster loadings.
  2. An option where you can upload your custom images, such as your brand logo or an image that suits your store nicely. (Check example store below)
  3. The app UI supports mobile, so you can make changes via the Shopify app on your smartphone / tablet on the go!
  4. You can find contact email and chat widget in the UI for awesome support experience!

Pre-selected GIFs:

  • Female products: Makeup/Clothing/Accessories ( Three beautiful heart animations )
  • Pet store ( Paws walking )
  • Vegan / Nature products ( Blooming flower )
  • Ghost ( Halloween relatable )
  • Crypto / Money ( Flying rocket )
  • Vegan / Nature products ( Shining sun )
  • Swinging balls ( Suitable for all stores )
  • Infinity ( Mesmerizing Infinity sign loop )
  • Spinning Eclipse ( Suitable for all stores )
  • Pulsating Circle ( Suitable for all stores )
  • Bouncing Ball ( Suitable for all stores )
  • Coffee cup ( Suitable for all stores )
  • Workout related store ( Weights lifting )

Do I really need this app?

Welcoming a customer to your store with a nice loading animation instead of a white screen (like the rest) in the loading times speaks a lot about your brand, customers pay attention to details. This adds uniqueness to your store and helps with bounce rates since most of your traffic is via smartphone, which means mobile data, which means slower loading speeds.

No wonder if you are getting traffic and having a high bounce rate at the same time, one of the reasons may be loading times. And no, this doesn't slow your store more since the pre-selected media files are under 300KBs.

One-click install, no coding needed.






料金 30日間の無料体験




  • 15 Speed optimised gifs to choose from
  • Outstanding support
  • For ALL Themes



  • Turbo Mode
  • Logo Animation
  • Custom upload options
  • Adjustable width & height
  • Adjustable background color
  • Fadeout speed setting - Fast / Slow



  • All in Premium
  • +
  • Smooth Page Transitions
  • Now, four types of transitions
  • Full customizability, color, direction
  • All plans work on all themes

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Direct Computers

I spoke to A. Kayali after there was an issue with the app and another one. A. Kayali managed to log in and fix everything within 5 minutes while giving some very helpful advise. The free plan has everything you need to kick start, with options to upgrade if you want but you don't need to! Thanks again guys.


A. Kayali was an excellent for customer support. He even helped me understand the custom services they offer to clients, for multiple loading images. I recommended he gets a raise.


This is literally a GREAT app with GREAT support. Im reading through the rest of the reviews. Dont let them deter you from trying the app. the support is very helpful and will solve each issue. in the end its totally worth it.. i highly recommend it!