Distance Meter‑ Delivery Rates

Distance Meter‑ Delivery Rates

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Set delivery rates by driving distance, cart value and weight

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Set Delivery Rate by radius

Set different delivery rates by distance or radius. Set delivery rates by order value, weight and by product.

Single click setup

No code setup, hassle free non technical setup. Set distance by KM or Miles.

Use with any currency

Use in any country with any currency of your choice.

Podrobnosti o Distance Meter‑ Delivery Rates

Set zones by distance and have different delivery rates by Kilometer or Miles.


  1. Setup unlimited zones by grouping distance and set different rates
  2. Set different delivery rates by order or cart value
  3. Set different delivery rates by weight
  4. No code setup
  5. Can be used in all countries supported by Shopify in the currency of their choice
  6. Customize how distance is calculated
  7. Set minimum and maximum order value for a delivery
  8. Set exceptions for certain addresses

Suitable for businesses like

Florists Cake shops Grocery stores Restaurants Stores with local delivery option.

Note: You need the Shopify’s Carrier Calculated Shipping API for the app to work, so you’ll need access to it included with your Shopify plan. It can’t generate prices without it. If you’re not sure, or need to add it, get in touch with Shopify Support.

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Starter Plan


You have to pay for google maps API to google directly, Google gives $200 free monthly usage, this is most often enough.

  • Set unlimited zones with distance
  • Set delivery rates by order value
  • Set delivery rates by weight
  • Unlimited locations



  • Everything in starter plan
  • Product based rates
  • Multiple conditions for a rate

* Všechny poplatky jsou fakturovány v USD.
** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

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Haul 4 U

I have used the app support a couple of times, and they've just been exceptional. They make sure to understand every issue and solve them. Very friendly and courteous team they have. Thank you for offering exceptional service!


Kumar has been amazing and helped me set up a delivery address app with ease. He is very knowledgeable and this app definitely over-delivers and simplifies your operation

hidden fortunes

Excellent app for automatically calculating the delivery cost based on distance. Works like a charm, really easy set-up. Much more customization than other apps! Would highly recommend! Very very good support through quick zoom meetings and chat.