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25 april 2023

Doesn't work
Tried to create a lock on a page with a passcode - a very simple setup. Nothing. Didn't work. Not a good UX.

My Magic Carpet | Washable Rugs
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Lightward heeft geantwoord 25 april 2023


I'm sorry you encountered an issue when trying out the passcode key. I saw your email, and replied, about 30 minutes after it came in (20 minutes after this review), but by that time Locksmith had been removed.

A lock not working is exceedingly rare, and is generally something which can be fixed. That's why we have our 15 day trial period: We want to make sure you have time to test things and work out any potential conflicts in the theme, or with other apps, before you have to pay for Locksmith.

It's also important to note that passcode keys will remember you in the browser when you enter the code, and it may seem like they aren't locked at all. If that seems like it might be the issue, using a new private browsing session will show you what a new visitors sees.

I can't diagnose what happened at the moment, since Locksmith has been removed from your store. But, feel free to reach out if you'd like to try again. We're here for you, and I'm sure we can get things working. :)

All the best,


18 december 2022

This app has caused me more bother than good. I would not recommend downloading locksmith! After downloading locksmith it has caused my products to be showing out of stock despite them being in stock. This has caused huge loss of sales. It has also stopped many website functions from working.

The code behind this app is very unstable and if you are downloading it, it will be at your own risk. I am now seeking to completely get rid of this bugged app from my shopify store. I'm extremely disappointed!

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Lightward heeft geantwoord 20 december 2022

I’m sorry you had to experience this. The issue coming from Locksmith in this case was that the add to cart button, in the featured products area of your home page, was showing as “sold out” until the customer interacted with the variant selector. Your developer removed the Locksmith code from that template, which fixed the problem, but Locksmith automatically added its code again shortly after, and the issue resurfaced.

I totally understand your frustration, and while we did mention that Locksmith auto-installs, we should have brought up the ignore list functionality to prevent that from showing up again. Locksmith has an ignore list on the Settings page, which allows you to specify theme files that Locksmith should leave alone during its install process.

We did see that your slider navigation was not functioning, but it seems that was a side effect of the product object being “nil” in the featured product area, or perhaps something else in that template. Those are generally unrelated, and we're not sure why that happened, since the app is only working with your products and variants.

We’ve been able to duplicate the add to cart button issue on other themes, but not the unresponsive menu. That’s something specific to the theme you’re using, and fixing the add to cart also stopped the navigation menu issue.

I’m glad we were able to get this fixed for you, and that everything is working.

Again, I’m sorry for the frustrating situation. We’re here to help if anything else comes up. 



20 oktober 2022

I had great hopes for this app. It was easy to set up and I wanted to use it to lock one of my products - and make it only accessible to people with the 'secret link'. Sadly, it did not go well. People who had the link and purchased were not tagged with any Locksmith code, but everyone else who didn't have the secret link did had locksmith code added to their details. Someone who did not have the secret link was able to purchase the supposedly hidden product. I contacted customer support and they took over 24 hours to come back to me - with an answer that showed they had not read my question. Finally (over a period of days) they did help and the person was very nice, but the problems remained. Then I deleted the app but the code remained - my fault and they told me to reinstall the app and then disable it first. Which I did. Then they said they had to do it to remove code so I had to reinstall it a second time. They said they had cleared out all the code etc and I could delete the app. The app is deleted BUT now two days on I am getting random new customers having locksmith code applied to their details - and Locksmith is not even installed. I have contacted them again, but I know it is going to be at least 24 hours before I hear anything back to all.
The app is a great idea BUT my experience of it is that it is not great to use. And I just have dread now as I read other reviews as to what other problems its footprint through my site is going to cause.

ARCHEUS | NatFem Botanics
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Lightward heeft geantwoord 24 oktober 2022

Hi there!

Thank you for your feedback! I’m so sorry your experience with Locksmith was not a positive one. Not getting an answer to your email quickly is super frustrating and we totally get that. We know your online business is important to you, and feeling like something is actively causing you friction is not a good place to be in. We hear you, and we are taking steps to improve based on your feedback. So - genuinely - thanks for taking the time to let us know how it went for you.

For anyone reading this - a couple other quick things I'd like to add:

a) Locksmith code can be completely removed from your theme, swiftly and simply, from within the app: https://www.locksmith.guide/basics/removing-locksmith.

b) Using access control, via Locksmith or not, won't always be bulletproof. Secret links and passcodes, for example, can be shared.

c) For some Locksmith configurations (e.g. "secret links"), Locksmith may employ caching (“cookies”). Caching helps customer experience by improving the speed of the Locksmith app on the frontend of your store. The Locksmith cache is stored on the customer's browser, and the traces of this may end up in the "Additional Details" section of orders. If you've deleted Locksmith, seeing these in your orders is not an indication that Locksmith is still embedded in your theme, just that the customer in question is running on the same browser "session" that they were running when you still had Locksmith installed on your store.

All the best,

7 augustus 2022

The app worked very well but when the trial expired, all my products got locked and were not accessible by any customers, even the products that were not locked. I had to pay a subscription fee to go back in the app and disable the locks. I was under the impression that all the locks would be disabled when the trial expired, which would be the logical next step. So I did not go into the app and disable it. After a few days, I realized all my products were locked and the app had disappeared. Cold sweat!!!! I did receive a warning email but it was not clear. The logical process would be to disable locksmith when the trial ends and let all products be visible again. They hold us hostage instead of letting us try the product and disable it when the trial is over. Not impressed by that.
No amount of: "we told you by email" will make this process better. It feels like a scam to me.

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Lightward heeft geantwoord 9 augustus 2022

Hey there! There’s no need to subscribe to Locksmith to unlock your content. Locksmith can be disabled from the settings page in the app, using the “Disable Locksmith” button.

I can definitely appreciate why finding that your products are still locked when you didn’t expect them to be would be an unpleasant surprise! For this reason we mention specifically in the emails that are automatically sent out, that a subscription doesn’t need to be started, and that customer access to your locked content will be disabled when a trial lapses. We do not hold stores hostage.

​I understand why you might expect Locksmith to automatically disable your locks. The reason we've chosen not to automatically disable all of a store's locks is because some shops may let their trials lapse before subscribing, or they may simply need to update their billing information with Shopify, causing the payment to not be processed.

​If that happens, we want to make sure the locks are still in place, since shops rely heavily on us to protect content. We're first and foremost an access control application, and so disabling locks could open up shops to showing content or selling products to folks who shouldn't have access.

Thank you for your feedback. These are important points that we want merchants to be informed about. Again, I know that situation wasn't ideal, to say the least, and I'm sorry for the confusion and issue.

We are now looking into how we can improve messaging in the app to make it clearer that a subscription isn’t needed to disable or uninstall Locksmith, and that a subscription is only required to keep using Locksmith.

All the best!

- Tristan

29 juli 2022

Using this app, causes my SHOP to not be active and interferes with sales. I am having to delete this app.

Chef Gina's® Mini Food
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Lightward heeft geantwoord 2 augustus 2022

First off, thank you for your feedback. This is an important point, regarding our compatibility with the Shop App. I’m sorry this came as a surprise. Nobody wants to have a sales channel suddenly become inactive.

This is something that’s enforced by Shop itself, and while we hope that the two apps can work together eventually, it’s out of our hands at the moment.

We do mention the incompatibility with the Shop App in our usage agreement, and Shop also has that in their guidelines. It’s also super important to note that this restriction is in place for all access control apps, and not just ours.

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience. It looks like we were in the process of working through getting your store setup with Locksmith, and that this incompatibility means Locksmith isn’t an option for you. I hope you find the solution that works best in your case. We’ll be here if you need us. :)



30 november 2021

Avoid this app at all costs. We set it up and unfortunately it did not meet our needs. We disabled the app per their instructions and then deleted it. On our busiest shopping day of the year their app was still holding our collections hostage and I had to pay for a subscription to go in and shut it down. Beyond disappointed.

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Lightward heeft geantwoord 8 december 2021


I'm very sorry for the hassle you experienced here. I'm not 100% sure how things transpired, but according to our records this store didn't have an active subscription at the time, and the trial period ran out more than 10 days before. Locksmith would have been suspended at that point, and so your keys wouldn't work to open any locks.

Locksmith does have an uninstall process to remove its code from your theme, and that can be initiated by disabling the app on the settings page, or by clicking the Remove Locksmith button on the Help page. No subscription is required for these actions, but Locksmith does need to be authorized to complete them.

We definitely don't want to cause your store issues in this way, but we do aim to make sure we don't surprise you by opening up all of your locked content in any situation. We want to you know, 100%, that your locked areas are being opened up to the public. That's why the locks stay locked until you disable them.

Again, I know that situation wasn't ideal, to say the least, and I'm sorry for the confusion and issue.

Looking into your account, I do see that you still have an active subscription to Locksmith. I can't cancel that for you, but you can do that by removing the app from your Apps list. At the time of this writing, you have no locks in place, and so Locksmith has no code in your theme, so it's safe to do so.

If/when you do, be sure to send us a message and we'll issue a refund for that charge. We're here at team@uselocksmith.com, so just let us know. ❤️

Best regards,


29 oktober 2021

The app will not download correctly. I have sent two emails to customer support with no answer to either. Anyone know any other apps that will work to lock collections?

RMC Events
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Lightward heeft geantwoord 29 oktober 2021

Hello! Not getting answers to your emails is super frustrating, and we totally understand that.

I looked into our records, and the only message we have from your store came in today, and we replied as soon as we saw it. That was just over an hour from when the message arrived. It sounds like your other messages didn't get through to us, and I'm sorry about that.

I totally understand if you've found another solution. The most important thing is to get your needs met. ❤️

All that said, we are definitely here to help. If you still have questions or need assistance, feel free to reply to our message, or send another to team@uselocksmith.com

Kind regards,


17 augustus 2021

Trying to set up a lock to my store and the app doesn't do that. I've tried several different combinations to make it work and it doesn't. There isn't a number to call to talk to someone which means this will take hours or days to resolve, rather than a few minutes. Was told this was a good app and will continue to try and make it work.

Kitchener OutGROW OutPLAY
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Lightward heeft geantwoord 26 augustus 2021

Hey there! Looking at followup emails, it does sound like you were able to create the Locksmith setup you needed – locking storefronts *is* something Locksmith does well, and it looks like you're all squared away.

To the rest of your note: thanks for letting this know how this went for you. All of our support *is* offered via email, with a turnaround time up to 24 hours, and often much less. (A note to this effect is included in the auto-response we send to all new support messages.)

This works well in most circumstances – but not all, and that's absolutely legitimate, and those stories are important too. It's our intent to be as straightforward as possible about what we do and do not offer, so that you can choose the tool that works best for what you need – whether that's Locksmith, or another tool with a different support structure.

If you do choose to keep using Locksmith, you know where to find us. :) We'll always do our best to help.



4 augustus 2021

im extremely disappointed in this app that was recommended by shopify, my entire store is locked and wont let me disable it. I also have to wait now for someone to email me back rather talk on live chat.

IV Wardrobe
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Lightward heeft geantwoord 4 augustus 2021

Hey there! It looks like the locking on your store is caused by another app. Looking at our records, Locksmith *was* installed (and uninstalled, and reinstalled several times), but no locks were ever configured, and thus far Locksmith has not made any changes to your store's theme.

For background, Locksmith will never modify your store's theme unless there are locks configured. And, on the other side of that, *removing* all locks will result in Locksmith removing all of its code from your theme. Locksmith works hard to have a light touch. :)

Locksmith isn't currently in your apps list, so we're not able to take a closer look at your theme's internals to see what code is causing the locking of your store. But, as far as we can tell, Locksmith isn't involved – it's likely another app, or perhaps some custom code in your theme.

We've replied to your emails; just let us know in either of those threads if there's something we can do here to help. Re-adding Locksmith to your apps list could help us see what's going on under the hood of your theme, if that's useful. :)

All the best,


13 juli 2021

We tried using this app to hide certain items on our website, which it did do, however there were still automated bots that were able to purchase items that were designed to only be purchased by certain people, so it did not work as intended/described.

Safari Zone Collectibles
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Lightward heeft geantwoord 14 juli 2021

I hear you – thanks for letting us know. If it helps: because of the way Shopify's Online Store channel is built, it's impossible for any third-party access control app (including Locksmith) to fully block all bot activity. We talk about this in our user agreement, which everyone sees and accepts when they install Locksmith, and which we wrote to make sure we're clear and up front about all this. You can see the user agreement here: https://uselocksmith.com/agreement.

I understand you were expecting Locksmith to block those bots; given the specifics of how Shopify itself works on this one, the best we as a team can do is to be clear about what Locksmith can and can't help with. If there's a way we can communicate this better going forward, let us know – team@uselocksmith.com. We're here to help, however we can. :)

All the best,