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26 mei 2023

I don't typically write reviews, but this app deserves it! This app is exactly what I was looking for to separate wholesale from retail. Originally, I thought setting up a wholesale channel on Shopify would be easy - and it probably is, if you want to pay the $2000+ a month for Shopify Plus. At the price point for this app, it cannot be beat! I needed to set up a separate area of my site that was only visible and accessible to approved customers using customer tags. Installation of the app and setting up the initial locks was super simple. I had a specific vision for how I wanted the wholesale channel of my site to be set up, including hiding checkout buttons and adding minimum order total requirements in order to checkout. This did require a little more coding that I am not exactly familiar with, but seemed to be no problem at all after reaching out to support! Tristan was quick to respond and install the additional coding that was needed to bring my vision to life! Tristan understood exactly what I was trying to accomplish and even suggested to add additional coding to ensure there were no loopholes that would allow wholesale customers to checkout without reaching the minimums. The customer service from this app was top notch! If you're looking to set up a wholesale channel on your site, I definitely recommend this app!

Wintuck Home
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App gebruikt gedurende 8 dagen
18 mei 2023

Awesome service again and the app is working perfect! A special shout out to Erica for very prompt and efficient service and this may sound silly, but for being so nice - it's really not a given these days, but surely appreciated. Thank you!

Comp Pharm Gold
App gebruikt gedurende 2 maanden
6 mei 2023

Super easy to use and works very well. Perfect for locking access to our online wholesale store. We only allow access to users with a specific tag.

Spinnaker Chocolate
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een jaar
3 mei 2023

Very helpful and fix the lock I needed within 24 hrs.

Thank you so much.

Sara Lorentsen Skin Expert
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden
13 april 2023

The app is amazing: quick to install, no coding required and easy to set up. We always had problems with displaying and hiding products, as our entire product range is not available for all customer groups and this caused a lot of confusion for our customers. Now, with the B2B Sales Ordering App and Locksmith, we have the perfect setup for all our different customer groups and pricing. The pricing model of the Lockmsith App is super innovative and the proposed price was very fair.

App gebruikt gedurende 10 dagen
28 maart 2023

Awesome app and even better customer service! Does way more than we were looking for and very flexible in it's application.

App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan een jaar
28 maart 2023

Highly Recommend Locksmith! Their app works wonderfully and the customer support is top notch! Thank you team!

Kids Fair
App gebruikt gedurende Bijna 2 jaar
23 maart 2023

Amazing support and amazing app.
we use this app to hide products out of stock in different countries. We also use this for private launches.
The app works very well and the support gives you all the help you need.

Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan 2 jaar
21 maart 2023

I added locksmith to a Shopify store, and I want to lock some products with prices and others with no fees showing. So I sssent a message to customer support, and Ken and Tristan helped me with everything. They are amazing. Find solutions to what i need and add to my store.
Very good app if you need to lock products or services to your store.
Highly recommended

South William Clinic & Spa
App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan 3 jaar
11 maart 2023

Definitely recommend this app which works perfectly even in more complex scenarios. I appreciate their excellent support and love their point of view on business (check their pricing and combine that with their honest support). Well done!

App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 2 maanden