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Login to See Price ‑ B2B

作成: WebPanda

Hide Prices and add to cart button until the customer logs in

Hide Prices for visiting users

Easily hide all product Prices for unauthenticated customers. Instead of the product price the app will show a customizable message box.

Hide Add to Cart Button

Upon app activation the Add to Cart buttons will be hidden for unauthenticated customers.

Select Products To Hide

App configuration allows you to select the products for which to hide the Price and Add to Cart buttons.

Login to See Price ‑ B2Bの詳細情報

This app is targeted to B2B stores that want to hide the product prices and add to cart buttons for visitors and only allow registered customers to see them and place orders.

If you encounter any difficulty setting up the app we encourage you to use the Support form available in the app and we will help you set it up fastly.

Comprehensive Configuration Page:

  • Easily Enable/Disable the app functionality
  • Edit the message displayed to the visitors
  • You can include the Login and/or Registration link in the message
  • You can select the font size for the entire message
  • You can select the font size for each individual page where the product price would be listed
  • Choose to add a background color to the message box
  • Choose to add a border to the message box and configure the border thickness and color
  • Select the products for which to hide the prices
  • Translate the message box in any language
  • Hide prices based on customer tags






  • プライバシーポリシー
  • support@webpanda-solutions.com

料金 15日間の無料体験

Basic Plan


  • Everything about the message box is customizable
  • Non-invasive code, admins can remove the app code from their theme with one button click

Premium Plan


  • Basic Plan +
  • Select the product to hide the price for
  • Translate the message box in any language
  • Hide prices based on customer tags

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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We are using this APP to manage our B2B Website, The App works great and they also help use to solve more things in our setup.
Customer Services is GREAT and fast.
Thank you Guys!

By Josanne

This app is amazing. It hides my wholesale prices until the customer Register/login. It's affordable and does everything it says in the description. I messed up and contacted customer service and they responded and corrected my mistake within minutes. This is one of the best apps on this platform. A huge "THANK YOU" to the developers!

HealthGuard Canada

I use this app to do a B2B website, we need few different APPs to get the site running, the supporting team was fast to resolve any issue we have.