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The simple way to create local delivery routes

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Optimal route delivery

With LOGISTIA you can deliver locally yourself or your employees, by generating the optimal route between all your orders.

Stock alerts

LOGISTIA will alert you if you are approaching the stock limit. Set your own limits and never lose another sale.

Stock renew

Set up your suppliers and order them directly inside LOGISTIA to renew your stocks.

Su Logistia

Imagine you could manage your product stocks, assign roles to your employees and generate the optimal route for local deliveries from a single app. An app that integrates smoothly with your online shop.

Now all of this is possible with LOGISTIA!

How we help you succeed?

  • Add or import orders to LOGISTIA’s dashboard and generate the optimal route between all the order you wish to deliver locally.
  • You will know the estimated time of arrival to each order and the estimated time of return.
  • By setting a stock alert to each product, LOGISTIA can show you which products will need your immediate attention.
  • You can assign orders for delivery and management to your dedicated employees.
  • View all daily orders in a single screen and mark them as delivered as you drop them off.
  • Deliver another day or later in the day if the customer is not there to receive the package.
  • Call your customers or e-mail them to let them know you’re arriving or updating their order.
  • Add your favorite suppliers to ask them for a stock renewal quickly.
  • 24/7 Customer support: our team is dedicated to your success. Managing your shop should be fun!

Si integra con

  • Zapiet,
  • Android,
  • iOS

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5.0 stelle su 5

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This app works realy well and the support is very fast and friendly.
We recommended some implementations to fit our need and some were even integrated at the same day. We use it for local deliveries of backery products for breakfast on Saturday and Sunday mornings, with a plan of 4 drivers and 250 orders, and it fits our need perfectly, at least until we expand more ;-) The Stock system is not in use, because the backery produces on demand, so we can't say anything about that. But the rest works realy well and is under constant development! Our drivers use there navigation smartphone app without problems, and it is easy to configure and plan different routes for different drivers. Thank you very much! Best regards
Marco from backtaxi-online


I highly recommend Logistia for their app for Stock control, employees and delivery. We only use this for manage of our Stock, we can set our own stocklimit and not depend on Shopify. We use this for restocking as we use this when we reorder with our supplier. Logistia has been a major help for making this app super good looking. Easy to work with, and their support is beyond everything. Quick reply - open for suggests so we got what we wished for. AND ITS FREE I can only recommend this. Fest4all.dk / Linda