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29 oktober 2023

Overall, Loop Returns is a good returns software. The platform offers a lot of nice features and customizations. The integration with our WMS platform makes processing returns easy for our team. Our customers like the “instant exchange” feature as well as the Happy Returns option. The “workflows” allow you to configure return scenarios. However, the reason for three stars is because the platform is very buggy. The amount of return related questions has become a burden for our customer service team. Loop is unable and/or unwilling to find solutions for the issues listed below. In addition third party developers are unable to help.

• Many customers experience issues using the “on-store” shop now feature. After selecting their items and clicking checkout to proceed to the return summary they are redirected back to select return or exchange again. Occurs most frequently on mobile devices.

• The “on-store” shop now feature doesn’t work in our mobile app pop up browser. The product(s) the customer selects to exchange for do not populate on the return summary page. Therefore, we are unable to have links to the returns portal within our app. This is a major issue as roughly 20% of our customers use our mobile app.

• The “shop now bonus” credit is hidden on the returns summary page. This causes customer confusion as they think they aren’t getting the bonus that was previously presented in the return process. To see the bonus the customer has to click the “details” drop-down and it is shown as a line item near the bottom.

• Loop Returns doesn’t work well with Shopify Markets Pro making international returns challenging. The HS codes for products from Shopify Markets Pro orders do not always pass to Loop causing returns labels to not generate. There is no way to override this so we have to generate and process those returns outside of Loop. This is only roughly 5% of those international returns.

• A portion of returns that expiree that have Happy Returns selected for the return method can no longer be returned/exchanged, even when added to the “allowlist”. For some reason when those returns expire it also shows the return was dropped off at a Happy Returns bar even though it wasn’t. Therefore, the system thinks the item(s) were returned already and can no longer be returned. We generate and process those returns outside of Loop.

• You are unable process returns through Loop if the customer’s email address was edited. For example, if there was a typo in the email address and our customer service team corrects it, the customer can no longer initiate the return through the returns portal. It provides the error “unable to retrieve order”. We have to generate and process those returns outside of Loop.

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Loop heeft geantwoord 1 november 2023

Thank you for your thoughtful feedback! We're happy to hear that you find our platform valuable, with its features and integrations.

We appreciate your concerns about the technical issues you've encountered, and we've already relayed this to our team. We are constantly working on updates that we believe will enhance your experience and your dedicated MSM will keep you updated to ensure you have the best experience possible!

30 oktober 2021

Overall - Does the basics, but not a great value. Good option for a mid-sized business, but if you are smaller I'd go for something cheaper and if you are bigger, I'd go for something a bit more comprehensive. Pros:
+ Return Portal UI is clean and works well
+ No issues with Shopify sync and does reduce workload vs. manual processing of returns and exchanges Cons
+ Fairly expensive for what is ultimately a pretty simple service
+ The whole concept of reducing refunds vs. exchanges is just marketing. It truly does nothing in this regard. In fact we saw our refund % go up significantly since installing Loop
+ We pay a couple hundred bucks per month and I don't like how miserly they are with features; e.g. we can see certain analytics but they restrict the ability to see basic stuff like product refunds until we upgrade to the next tier (I understand SAAS pricing but the way they do it feels just cheap)
+ Customer support is mostly a disaster. The team is nice but it seems like they're completely overwhelmed. We've had an issue syncing with ShareaSale and it's legitimately been 2.5 months since we raised it. If we send an email, it usually takes about a week to get a reply. We've followed up maybe 5-10 times on this issue alone, which is of course super frustrating to do when there's a million other things to keep track of.

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Loop heeft geantwoord 1 november 2021

Thank you so much for sharing this candid and thoughtful feedback. I’m really sorry to hear about your experience with Loop so far; it’s certainly not the value and experience that we intend to deliver for our merchant partners. I personally lead all of our post-sale merchant-facing (Merchant Success) teams, and will be reaching out to you personally to learn more and make this right. Thank you again!