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This app is a JOKE. There is NO customer service. They do not contact you ever. They just keep sending "schedule a call" emails but then push your call off over and over. And all call times are between midnight and 4am. I'm convinced that all reviews were entered by this company.

The Modern Silo
Loop Solutions Incが返信しました 2021年9月15日

Hi Tinley,

After this review and even before this review, we have tried reaching out to you to activate Subscriptions for your store but haven’t been able to do so.

You scheduled 3 calls with us for your subscription widget issue but didn’t join any of the calls. After every call, we sent an email asking you to reschedule the call and even followed-up with you. I have updated the timeline of events on the google doc below, we have shared the same sheet with you as well.

I am really not sure what we could have done differently so you wouldn't have felt disappointed with us.

If you do want to try us again, please feel free to respond to our emails and we will be happy to power subscriptions for you.

Team Loop


The product was not worth the price and the customer service was unsatisfactory. I experienced an issue and was advised to fix it on my own without much assistance or support from the customer service team. The app is also overpriced.

Loop Solutions Incが返信しました 2023年4月24日

Hi Team TextGPT,

Sorry to hear about your experience. We take our product and customer service pretty seriously. Please let us know your concern at support@loopwork.co- We would love to fix your issue.

We are sorry to say that we can't give you access to our APIs in the free plan.

As far as the concern about our pricing, we received your feedback. For full transparency, we charge the lowest transaction fees in the Shopify app ecosystem amongst Shopify apps.

Our plans are suitably set for growth and Enterprise brands after getting feedback from the DTC community.

Abel and Team Loop