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We chose Loop to launch our new subscription business and are SO happy with the choice. The software is full featured and powerful, but more importantly the team is very knowledgable about this kind of business and has already saved us from lots of headaches!

Initial configuration is relatively quick and painless, and once things are set up, I feel confident trusting this system to keep our subscriptions running smoothly. Thanks Loop!


Great customer service. Very fast to reply and fix any issues that may arise from integration with bespoke themes, including amending the code.

Park life.dog

Loop is AWESOME! It is the only app we found which combines functionality of product bundles AND subscriptions is a very user-friendly interface. We have been using the Loop $99 plan and it kind of pays for itself as 90% of of website sales go through the loop app!

The bundles and discounts are accomplished in a 'smart' back-end way i.e. by creating custom discount codes rather than 100s of product variants. Also, HUGE shout-out to the support team. Manan and others are always available to answer my questions and they even quickly solve simple coding and formatting issues. Well done LOOP!

NuttyHero Inc.
Loop Solutions Incが返信しました 2024年2月21日

Thank you for your amazing feedback, Team Nutty Hero!

We're thrilled that Loop is making a significant impact on your sales with its unique combination of product bundles and subscriptions. Hearing that our app and the support from Manan and the team have met your needs is fantastic. Thanks for being a part of the Loop family! 🌟

Team Loop


As a co-founder at HelloBello, it is with delight to write the following lines on our experiance to switch to Loop. At HelloBello we offer fresh/frozen dog food meals in convenient 14-day and 28-day subscription plans. We're a 100% subscription-focused company with a strong commitment to delivering exceptional products and a seamless digital customer experience.

We recently transitioned from the Recharge Pro plan to Loop for several compelling reasons:
- Superior access to development and customer support: Loop provides outstanding access to their development and customer service teams. This is crucial as we develop our API-based customer dashboard. Unlike with Recharge, where each interaction involved a new representative requiring repeated explanations, Loop offers direct engagement with the team who can readily assist with our API needs.
- Rapid development capabilities: Loop demonstrated impressive agility in responding to our requests. Features like Make.com access, Loyalty Lion integration, and API enhancements were implemented within days or weeks, far exceeding the responsiveness we experienced with Recharge.
- Seamless Shopify integration: As a Shopify-based business, we appreciate Loop's native integration. This translates to smoother operation, better integration, and faster development cycles compared to Recharge's non-native solution.
- Competitive pricing: Loop offered a more attractive pricing structure compared to Recharge.
- Shared DNA and dedicated support: We resonate with Loop's entrepreneurial spirit and their commitment to building long-term partnerships. We have established relationships with key personnel at Loop, ensuring 24/7 support and personalized attention to our needs. This stands in stark contrast to the frustrating experience we had with our past subscription provider, which often felt impersonal and unresponsive.

Our migration process was complex, involving two PayPal accounts, Stripe as our primary gateway, and residual activity on Braintree. Despite the challenges, the Loop team went above and beyond to ensure a smooth transition. They actively collaborated with us until all issues were resolved, demonstrating a genuine commitment to exceeding expectations.

HelloBello wholeheartedly recommends Loop. Their dedication to customer success, agility, and focus on our needs make them a truly exceptional partner.

Loop Solutions Incが返信しました 2024年3月18日

Thank you for sharing your experience with Loop - Stephan, and Team Hello Bello!!

We are truly delighted to hear that our platform has met and exceeded your expectations!

We are particularly pleased to hear about your positive experience with our team's dedication and the personalized support you received during the migration process. At Loop, we strive to build strong, long-term partnerships with our clients, and your acknowledgment of this effort is very encouraging.

Thank you once again for choosing Loop and for your kind words. We look forward to continuing our successful partnership with HelloBello and supporting your growth in the subscription market.

Cheers 🥂,
Nihal and Team Loop


Support is great, we were not quite ready to continue and it rebilled without us having it configured yet.

They understood the issue and refunded. Thank you

We are looking forward to using them in the future when we have figured out our offer.

Signet London
Loop Solutions Incが返信しました 2024年3月18日

We're glad to hear that our support team was able to assist you with your billing issue and that you received a refund. We look forward to having you use our services in the future once you've finalized your offer.

If you need any assistance or have further questions, we're here to help!

Team Loop


We were with Bold Subscriptions for many years then switched to Appstle with the Shopify 2.0 release. It took us a month to configure and get setup on Appstle and after going live we just ran into issue after issue after issue as the system wasn't stable. We started looking at other platforms and found Loop. The install and configuration took just a few hours. They migrated our existing customers over from Appstle and we were live within a few days. Customers love it and we are very happy with it about a month since launch. Would highly recommend!

Frozen Garden
Loop Solutions Incが返信しました 2024年3月18日

That's fantastic to hear, Team Frozen Garden!

We're so glad that your transition to Loop was smooth and that both you and your customers are loving the experience. Thank you for sharing your journey and for your high recommendation. We're here to support you and look forward to being a part of your continued success!

Team Loop


Loop subscriptions is amazing. I don’t know why they only have 4.9 stars because they should have 5.0! The features in this app are amazing and help our company increase sales. I found this service on a podcast where they compared every subscription service and Loop was hands down number one and I understand why now.

Their customer service is AMAZING. Anytime I need help they respond promptly and even with personalized video tutorials for my issue.

Highly recommend.

Holistic Nutrition
Loop Solutions Incが返信しました 2024年1月31日

Thank you so much for your glowing review, Team Holistic Nutrition! Your recommendation means the world to us.

We're absolutely thrilled to hear that Loop Subscriptions has played a significant role in boosting your company's sales and that our features have met your needs so well. It's great to know our efforts to provide top-notch customer service, including personalized video tutorials, have been so helpful to you.

Thanks again for choosing Loop! 🌟

Team Loop


I can't say enough about Loop! Our meal prep company recently made the switch to their fully automated subscription platform, and it's been a total game changer for Fuel Your Body. From the moment I spoke with their team, especially Abel and Surbhi, I knew we had found the perfect partner to fuel our growth across Canada.

The support team at Loop is simply the best I've ever encountered. Their hard work and dedication are truly remarkable. If you're looking to scale your subscription business, look no further than Loop. Forget about the rest; jump on board with Loop and thank me later!

Thank you, Loop, for revolutionizing our operations and being such an incredible partner. Here's to many more years of success together!

Jay Gallagher - CEO
Fuel Your Body - Healthy Meal Delivery Inc
www.eatfyb.ca @eatfyb

Fuel Your Body - Healthy Meal Delivery Inc.

This is the first subcription app I've used, but so far, I could not be happier. I was migrating from a DIY solution and the team took time to understand my particular needs and provided a significant amount of very helpful support in the lead up to migration. The migration was painless - thanks to the efforts of that particular team. Since launch, perhaps the greatest value has been provided by the Support team. I'm continually asking questions and, regardless of the time or day of the week, a helpful response is never more than an hour or two away (often much faster).

The Dalston Egg Shop
Loop Solutions Incが返信しました 2024年2月21日

We're so glad to hear about your positive experience with our app and the seamless migration process, thanks to our dedicated team. It's great to know our Support team has been there for you every step of the way, providing timely help whenever needed.

Thank you for trusting us with your subscription needs. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, we're just a message away. Here's to your continued success! 🌟

Team Loop


One of the best apps on the platform.

I have used other subscription services and I would recommend this one over the others on the customer service alone.

Loop Solutions Incが返信しました 2024年3月18日

We're honored to be considered one of the best apps on the platform! Thank you for your recommendation and for highlighting our customer service. We're committed to providing top-notch support to all our users.

Thank you for choosing us, Team Miaroo!

Team Loop