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The customer service is great! In the most recent interaction, Mara, helped me solve a challenge on my end. Love how Loox can automate the collection of reviews and also collect media or photos as well!

Armoured Threads

LOOX is hands down the best Reviews app out there. We started using LOOX about 3 years ago. The way the reviews display on your website has a lot to do with how effective they are. LOOX has great widgets but the biggest pro is that when a customer clicks on a review on your website, they'll get a really nice popout with the photo on one side and the words on the other side. These are HIGHLY readable and worth their weight in gold.

About a year ago, we moved to BigCommerce upon the encouragement of a marketing agency. (Don't do it. It's like going through the gates of hell.) While we were on BigCom, we had to settle for other review apps. We tried Fera, Judge.me, and Trustpilot. After we finally got back to Shopify and recovered from the BC trauma, the very first app I reinstalled was LOOX. While we were on BC, we only got 62 reviews in 11 months and most of them did not have photos. Our reviews are Back baby! They're coming in at 3 times the frequency and 50% of them have UGC photos on them. For us, the real customer photos are what truly sells our product.

Adding, their customer support is marvelous. Mara, Tamarry, and Jemuel all have gone above and beyond in helping get things perfect. No chat yet but the email is quick and efficient. You don't get lost in a sea of emails or ratings requests. Thank you LOOX!!

Pandere Shoes

I used the Loox app and was thoroughly impressed with its features and user-friendliness. A special shoutout to Mara from customer support who provided exceptional assistance, truly enhancing my overall experience.

SensePro Toothbrush

Outstanding customer service. I had a basic request to possibly implement an adjustment in the app and the support team were able to action it. The communication was easy to understand and swift replies. Well done.

Ever Jewellery

Thank you Liz for your amazing help. I love the Look app and the costumer service ist always super quick to help and awesome

Feliz & Henri

Loox is our go-to review app. Works so well and looks good too! Also, we love that it allows us to display our reviews on Google. Thank you Rain for your help the other day :)


I highly recommend Loox, the ultimate recommendation application for websites! this app is incredibly convenient, making it a breeze to enhance your website with tailored suggestions. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even beginners can understand and utilize its features effectively.

One of the standout features of this app is its ability to offer upsell options seamlessly, helping you boost your income effortlessly. What's more, Loox is impressively affordable, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Loox goes the extra mile by allowing you to edit recommendations that users have written, giving you full control over your site's content. Plus, its customizable design options let you personalize the colors and appearance to match your brand perfectly.

In summary, Loox is a top-notch recommendation application that ticks all the boxes for convenience, affordability, and flexibility. It's a must-have tool for anyone looking to enhance their website's user experience and increase their bottom line. Give it a try, it will be worth it!


They answered my query first thing on a Sunday morning and set up a new review page for me right away. This is a. Really good company.

My Own 2 Hands

Atrociously expensive for what they offer. No way to transfer reviews to other apps if you ever want to move. The only way you can get reviews is in excel format which is useless. For the amount they charge they should have a system to sync reviews across Google, Shopify store and social media. I paid them $35 every month for a year and then stopped because it is a waste of money.

Nairu™ - A Candle Boutique
Looxが返信しました 2023年11月18日

Amit from Loox here.

Please note that Loox offers plans to fit all business sizes and situations - from a small starting business to big brands selling worldwide.

No worries, I've reached out to you privately and I'd be more than happy to work everything out with you and help you make the most out of Loox.

Please find our message in your email inbox :)


I recently had the pleasure of interacting with Chester from Loox's customer support team, and I couldn't be more satisfied with the experience. Chester went above and beyond to assist me and was very friendly and patient.

Loox itself is an amazing app for showcasing customer reviews. It's user-friendly, customizable and offers a wide range of features that make managing and displaying reviews a breeze. The integration with Shopify is seamless and I've already started to see the benefits in terms of improved trust and conversions.