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It was good to see customers behaviors on my website. But some interactions were cut off or didn’t record.

使用應用程式 8天
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2024年1月11日

Thanks for leaving us a review! Visitor behavior can make such a difference in improving your Shopify store. Regarding the interactions, could you please send an email to our team at support@luckyorange.com? We'll look at what's going on! Thanks again for the review.

Cheers - Emilia from Lucky Orange


I've been using LO for a week and so far so good. previously I was using another app but it lacks some feature that LO has. With chat function, heat map and details analytics approach LO seems to be a good app to use. Moreover it is GDPR friendly.

使用應用程式 19天
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2023年12月15日

Great to see that Lucky Orange continues to play a crucial role in the growth of your website and business. Visitor behavior really makes all the difference in improving sales! Privacy was our priority since Day 1, and we're proud to be GDPR and CCPA friendly. :-) Thank you for your review, and we’re here should you need anything else!

Cheers - Emilia from Lucky Orange


10/27/23 Update: I'm going to update my review to 4 stars. I used the previous version for almost 2/3 years and unfortunately, this version doesn't have the tagging and consistently fetches images which diminishes the quality of the recordings. I'll respond to the email.

Since they've upgraded, I've spent 3 days going back and forth with their support to get this app to work. I wouldn't recommend this application.

Used By God
使用應用程式 大約3年
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2023年10月23日

I apologize for the confusion that having an account on the older version of our platform and the current version created for you when trying to log in to view recordings. I’m glad our support team was able to work with you over email to gain a better understanding of the issue so we could get you logged into the correct account so you can view data again. I want to double check that everything is working from your side, so please reply to my last email to continue the conversation and make sure you’re all set moving forward. You can also call the number included in my email to connect via phone. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best Regards - Bradley from Lucky Orange


So far so good. I haven't been using the app very long but my onboarding call was really helpful and promising! I look forward to seeing how this app can help my team understand customer behavior even more!

Golden Chic®
使用應用程式 6天
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2023年12月4日

We’re so happy that we’ve been able to impress you with our technology, onboarding and customer support and are thrilled to be part of your journey. Our team loves to help our customers get as much as they can from Lucky Orange, and our 15-minute call is a great way to accomplish it. Plus it’s always great to connect with our customers. :-) Thank you for your review! Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything.

Cheers - Emilia from Lucky Orange


Had issues with downgrading from their free plan - kept getting an error message and their support took days to get back to me. I'm updating my review because they made sure I was taken care of and even offered to call me directly to go over what was happening. I appreciated their extra effort to make sure this was corrected. We have used Lucky Orange for years and never had any issues until this year. Not sure if something is broken between Shopify and Lucky Orange that does not allow you to downgrade to their free plan.

The Alaska Frontier
使用應用程式 3年多
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2023年10月16日

We apologize for the issues you experience and assure you that our team is committed to our customers. Our team has already been investigating and resolved the cause of the issue. Thank you for review, and we're here if you need anything!

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange


Really like the product, but as a new business the free tier runs out very quickly and paying for the next tier is a little to much just now. Once I'm more profitable I'll be happy to pay for a broader service.

Trendy Tables
使用應用程式 4個月
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2023年10月19日

Thank you for your review and feedback. Visitor behavior is powerful in growing a business as you discovered. We're here should you need anything!

Cheers - Emilia from Lucky Orange


update, my problem was solved, the only probelem it has now is, that it operates a different browser not inside shopify.

Ikhlas Cares
使用應用程式 8分鐘
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2024年2月6日

Thanks for your review and feedback. We’re glad that we were able to resolve your concerns and look forward to seeing how visitor behavior helps you to improve your Shopify store! We appreciate your feedback and have shared your suggestion for an embedded app with the rest of our team. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything else. We’re always here to help.

Cheers - Kelsey from Lucky Orange


Lucky orange is a very handy tool and quite easy to use. The ability to see how people are using our website has been rather interesting. Keep up the great work guys!

Kookaburra Toys
使用應用程式 2個月
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2023年10月16日

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when you see exactly what’s stopping more visitors from turning into customers. Instead of blindly trying to improve your website, you could isolate the issue and fix it. Thanks for your review and don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything!

Cheers - Justin from Lucky Orange


- Exceptional customer service
- Most robust user behavior plug-in I have found for Shopify
- Includes Funnels for more in-depth tracking
- Safe with our data and customer data

- Can only include one event at each step in a funnel. I would love to have multiple events at one step of a funnel with an OR statement so that you can build a funnel based on several possible selections
- Doesn't include a way to view common customer paths, one of the most useful features we had in Google Analytics

Other note: It turns out there are limitations on what data Shopify will share within checkout to any third-party plugin. If you want to create a funnel based on elements within the checkout process, no app has access to do so. Not a con for Lucky Orange, more a con for Shopify.

Seattle Caviar Co.
使用應用程式 13天
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2023年10月16日

WOW! Thank you for such a comprehensive review! We appreciate your feedback and have already passed it along to our product development team to consider for future enhancements. Don't hesitate to reach out should you have any questions!

Cheers - Bradley from Lucky Orange


I love this app so far. It has all the services you need to understand your user base, which is the most vital information to succeed with e-commerce.

I use the video session recording and heatmap daily to understand how my project SparklyTails serves our clients, and we are about to launch a research campaign using the Lucky Orange survey.

Great product and customer support

Sparkly Tails
使用應用程式 8天
Lucky Orange LLC 已回覆 2023年9月27日

Thank you for such kind words! We strive to provide all of our customers with a great product and great support. Learning the pain points your customers are having and being able to quickly address them is invaluable. Nothing feels better than finding ways that make your customer experience better than ever. Thanks again for sharing the Lucky Orange love, and we’re here if you have any questions!

Cheers - Emilia from Lucky Orange