WhatsApp Notifications+ChatBot

WhatsApp Notifications+ChatBot

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Automated WhatsApp Notifications, SMS & Chatbot

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WhatsApp ChatBot

Introducing First WhatsApp ChatBot App on Shopify. Create Queries and Response in the App and Let Your Customers Get the Information.

Automated WhatsApp Messages

Introducing Plug and Play WhatsApp Notifications. Use Our or Your Own Sender Number to Send The Notifications. Total 7 Notifications

Automated SMS Notifications

Plug and Play SMS Notifications. Use Our or Your Own Twilio Details. Total 7 Notifications All Automated including Abandoned Cart.

WhatsApp Notifications+ChatBotの詳細情報

Introducing WhatsApp ChatBot

WhatsApp ChatBot First Time on Shopify App Store. Send Automated Response to Customers Queries by Using Bot.

How it Works

  1. You will have to Sign up with Twilio.
  2. Purchase Sender Number.
  3. Fill up the form for Sender Number Approval (Usually takes 2-3 business days max)
  4. Once Approved Configure Your Twilio API details in our App.
  5. Configure Your Chatbot URL in Twilio.
  6. Add Queries and Responses in Our App Settings.
  7. That's it. Test It. You Are Done.

Automated SMS & WhatsApp Notifications

Easy Plug and Play Configuration to Get Started with SMS and WhatsApp Notifications, Notifications will be Sent From Our Sender Number.

You also Get the Option to Use Your Own Twilio Details which means You Can Setup Your Own Purchased Sender Number for WhatsApp and SMS to Show Your Brand Name, Profile PIc, and Other Information.

Key Benefits of Using this App

Merchant can enable order and shipment Notifications to Customers. Here is the list of notifications we have added for now.

  1. Order Place = When Customer Places the Order
  2. Order Refund = When Admin Refunds the Order.
  3. Checkout Abandoned = When Customer Leaves The Checkout Before Making Purchase.
  4. Feedback Request = Asking For The Feedback Based on Days Selected In Main Settings.
  5. Fulfillment Generate = When Admin Fulfills the Order.
  6. Order Out for Delivery = When Order is Out For Delivery.
  7. Order Delivered = When Order is Delivered. More Notifications Coming Soon...

Easy 3 Steps To Get Started with App Configuration

  1. After Installation go to the Settings tab
  2. Select Plug and Play Settings or Configure Your Own Twilio account API key. You can get from Twilio dashboard Home - Settings - General - API Credentials
  3. If Plug and Play Selected Then Enable from Pre Approved templates You want the App to be sent or If You have configured your Own Twilio details then you can add customize/personalized templates for WhatsApp. These WhatsApp Templates will need to be approved from Twilio Dashboard.

Customer support

If you have any questions or facing any issues, simply email us or Contact Us on WhatsApp our team will be happy to help.


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  • whatsapp,
  • SMS







Free Forever


Only Pay Per SMS Charges (Starts from 0.01 USD) Based on Country

  • Automated SMS Messages
  • Orders, Shipment, Abandoned Cart and Review
  • Customizable Templates
  • Our SMS Sender Number
  • Simple Plug and Play

Basic Plan


Pay Per SMS/WhatsApp Messages Charges (Starts from 0.01 USD) Based on Country

  • FREE+
  • Automated WhatsApp
  • Personalize or Use Our Pre Approved WhatsApp Templates
  • Our Sender Number or Use Your Own (Sender Number) Twilio API



Twilio will Charge Session Message Charges Flat $0.005 Per Bot Message to All Countries

  • Basic+
  • WhatsApp ChatBot
  • Add Queries and Response
  • WhatsApp Auto Reply

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

5.0 5つ星


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We loved that we could connect our own Whatsapp number and customize messaging templates to deliver a better customer experience! Super recommend - easy to use and great customer service!


Great working app and awesome dedicated support. Helped me solve what I needed help with. Recommending this!!


I use the SMS Automated feature and WHATSAPP chat button and they work very well. I like that you can customize the Automated message.
Great support team so far.