Magik Countdown Timer Pro

Magik Countdown Timer Pro

作成: Magik

Countdown timer to create urgency & drive conversion.


Create Urgency & Boost Sales

Use this countdown timer to create urgency, nudge your customers to buy now and increase your conversion and sales.

Comprehensive Timer Types

Choose from a full range of timer types for daily/weekly countdowns as well as regular or repeating timers.

Advanced Targeting & Options

Countdown timer comes with the widest range of options to customize the timer - how it looks, how it behaves.

Magik Countdown Timer Proの詳細情報

Magik Countdown Timer is a powerful feature to add to your online store to create urgency and nudge your customers to buy now instead of just window shopping. Countdown timers can deliver a message that the product or the discount or the sale is only for a limited time and it may no longer be available. This helps create scarcity as well as urgency at the same time and leads to instant or immediate conversion delivering higher sales.

The Magik Countdown Timer Pro is the most comprehensive and flexible timer for Shopify stores and comes packed with features:

  • Timer Types: This countdown timer supports all possible use cases including a regular timer with start/end date and time, a weekly timer with days/time configuration as well as a recurring timer that recurs as per settings.

  • Fully Customizable Banner: A flexible way to customize the countdown time banner and change/modify each element with easy.

  • Display Position Options: You can position this timer flexibly at the top of the page or the bottom of the page or keep it sticky top of the page.

  • Page Targeting Options: Choose the homepage and/or any internal pages to show the countdown timer on. Choose by URL or URL keywords.

  • Add Button to Bar: You can add an action button to the countdown timer bar as needed.

  • Button Animations: Choose from flash, rubber band and other animations for the button.

  • Multi-bar Rotation: You can create multiple countdown timer bars for different use cases and they will automatically rotate in parallel.

  • Bar Backgrounds: Easily customize the countdown timer bar background as well as color as per your needs.

  • Country Targeting: Easily choose countries where you would like to display the timer.

  • Timezone Options: You can set the timezone for the countdown timer bar so that it displays correctly for the correct country.

  • Color Options: You can change the background color and text of the countdown timer.









  • 2 Countdown bars   
  • Regular / Weekly / Recurring timer
  • Fully customizable bar
  • Target country    
  • Page targeting
  • Multi-bar rotation



  • Unlimited Countdown bars   
  • Regular / Weekly / Recurring timer
  • Fully customizable bar
  • Target country    
  • Page targeting
  • Multi-bar rotation

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