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11. joulukuu 2021

Received an email saying "Your automations and data syncing will continue uninterrupted with the Mailchimp for Shopify integration", but when I checked today, the syncing had stopped at some point and as a result, people who had subscribed to my newsletter recently (Including Black Friday deals) had not received their newsletters. Disappointing to say the least.

Maarit Hänninen
Yli 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
Mailchimp vastasi 13. joulukuu 2021

Hi there, thanks for your feedback. We saw your review and we wanted to try to clarify the scenario you're experiencing. When the sync is initiated any subscriber at checkout will still receive an automation business as usual. Also, the sync was initiated on 12/11, and was completed in under 2 hours.

We'd like to troubleshoot further if you're missing a subscriber in your Mailchimp Audience. We'll be happy to investigate with you to see why any customer didn't receive an Automation. Can you drop us a note at

Muokattu 22. huhtikuu 2019

We used Shopsync to connect our Shopify site to Mailchimp. A few days later we found out that Welcome emails were sent to over half of our existing subscriber list - prompting some to opt out! This is confusing and embarassing. Not sure what went wrong.

Moxxie Essential Care
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Mailchimp vastasi 22. huhtikuu 2019

Hi there, sorry for any hassle. We've actually confirmed the welcome email behavior is a bug on the Mailchimp end and they are working on a fix. Depending on when you installed the app, we attempt to make this very clear on the install screen prior to setting up ShopSync.

As a best practice, we recommend archiving any welcome email that is active in Mailchimp. You will be able to reactivate and fuse these back together after the sync is complete. Mailchimp has put an easy to follow migration guide together that you can follow for any other automations that are activated.

23. marraskuu 2022

I have been trying the past two days to integrate my shopify site with mailchimp. When trying to download the app it says "URL Not Found"

Cliodhna Doherty Art
Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
Melkein 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
Mailchimp vastasi 23. marraskuu 2022

Hi again, we see your store is now connected and syncing as expected. Don't hesitate to get back in touch with us if you need any other help.
Hi there! Sorry you're having trouble we definitely want to help out.

Can you do us a favor and try to install the app again? We spotted something on the back end that may have caused this issue and has been resolved.

Also, be sure to clear your cookies/cache prior to the retry. Let us know if you have any additional problems and contact us at


17. elokuu 2020

Be careful! If your Mailchimp subscribers make a purchase from your Shopify shop and don't choose to subscribe to your mailing list at checkout (because they think they already are on your mailing list) they will become non-subscribed and only eligible to receive transactional messages from you. They cannot be added back to your email list. I didn't realize this was happening until a friend asked me why I stopped sending out a newsletter. I suspect I have lost dozens, maybe hundreds, of my most engaged Mailchimp subscribers because of this.

The Chilly Dog
Melkein 2 vuotta sovelluksen käyttöä
Mailchimp vastasi 27. elokuu 2020

Hi there, we saw your review and wanted to write back. If return customers who were previously subscribed do not tick the box at checkout, we pass them over to Mailchimp as transactional.

We understand in some situations that this doesn't work for everyone, but since we are not seeing them subscribed in Shopify at the time of the (latest) transaction, the best compromise we can muster is to pass that customer as transactional to Mailchimp. That way, you can still use Mailchimp's automations to trigger abandoned carts and order notifications.

If it's possible in your store, we recommend some help text at checkout to remind returning customers to opt-in each time.

15. tammikuu 2021

I've had this app installed for a while and for the most part it seems to work fine, but after reading some reviews today about customers being unsubscribed if they don't check the "accept marketing" box at checkout, I looked and sure enough I think this has happened with my account too which is terrible! Some customers have been with me for years and then all of the sudden they're off my mailing list because they didn't check a box? I'm uninstalling this app today.

Sweet Paprika Designs
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Mailchimp vastasi 18. tammikuu 2021

Hi there, thank you for your feedback. After extensive testing, we've figured out how this could be happening after finding a bug in Shopify during checkout. We've been in contact with their technical team, and they have acknowledged this is a glitch on their end. They are working hard to deploy a fix for this problem.

Here's why you are having the previous subscribers moved to unsubscribed (or transactional).

1. Let's say checks out in your store and opts out of marketing on their first checkout. In Shopify, this customer is NOT subscribed at this point.
2. Later on, you decide to connect ShopSync with an existing Mailchimp Audience.
3. IS currently subscribed in Mailchimp in this example - perhaps you gathered their email address previously via another platform or curated them from a pop-up/landing page or social media.
4. With ShopSync now connected, comes back to place an order for the second time, and this time they opt-in at checkout.
5. Here's the bug...Shopify doesn't update that customer to be subscribed to marketing on the second order.
6. Because the user is still deemed to be opted out of marketing, Shopify passes this information to Mailchimp as unsubscribed; if they don't complete the checkout, they would be marked as transactional.

The only workaround we can advise is to resubscribe the customer via the Shopify admin manually. This action will POST a customer update to Mailchimp with the correct subscriber status to your Audience.

Thanks again for the feedback, but please understand the unsubscribe behavior is not because of ShopSync specifically. Because of the bug, any app listening to a customer update from Shopify would pass the wrong information at this point on the customer's marketing status.

We don't have visibility into Shopify's product release or bug fix roadmap, but I'm happy to reach back out directly when this issue is patched. In the interim, please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

11. toukokuu 2019

Installing was very easy however I did have issues.I installed today but now my customers cannot subscribe currently and automations not resuming automatically since I archived them.

Michael Cherry Brand
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Muokattu 9. maaliskuu 2021

I don't typically write bad reviews, but My orders aren't being tagged on mailchimp and I'm not able to send an email out to my customers. I added 2 tags in shopsync but in mailchimp it says there are no tags. Can you help me? Please email

Moving Moments
11 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Mailchimp vastasi 10. maaliskuu 2021

Hi there, I'll respond to this reveiw and also send you an email as mentioned. To get tagging working, it's a two-step process described here:

You'll first need to add the tags in the settings of ShopSync and then add the tags to your customers in Shopify. These need to be spelled exactly the same in order for them to sync. Also, you may also need to execute a Force Resync for past data to show up.

Please don't hesitate to reach back out to us at if you continue to have any trouble.

5. tammikuu 2020

I want to ask, why tags not sync to mailchimp. I will update this review and possible upgrade our subscription if tags problem will be addressed.

11 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Mailchimp vastasi 7. tammikuu 2020

Update 1/23/20: The tagging feature is now live! Here's more information about getting started with it:

Please let us know if you have any questions. If this helps you out with your marketing efforts, please consider updating your review.

Hi there, thank you for the review. Tags are on their way :) Due to the Holidays we've been a little less active with our releases than normal. We hope things will be shipped in the next few weeks.

In the interim, could you use Mailchimp's segmentation features to isolate and target your users?

Muokattu 19. tammikuu 2020

It's recommended that you do not have the automatic 'add to mailing list' box check on the payment page. It took me about 9 months to realize that ShopSync had been switching my customers to "non subscribe" when they made a purchase, because that box was unchecked. Because of this, Mailchimp omitted hundreds of my good, long time customers from my mailings. I have now switched to Klaviyo.

Texture Clothing
9 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
17. marraskuu 2020

I would like to use this app to sync my subscribed customers between Shopify and Mailchimp. It seems a bit one way - if a customer subscribes on a hosted Mailchimp form, it appears to import that data into Shopify. However, if a customer subscribes using Shopify's form, it does NOT seem to import those subscribers into Mailchimp so I have to check frequently and manually add them!

Pop Karma
4 kuukautta sovelluksen käyttöä
Mailchimp vastasi 18. marraskuu 2020

Hi there, we saw your review and wanted to clarify things. When someone signs up on a MailChimp pop-up form, it is expected behavior that they will only be added to MailChimp. Likewise, when someone signs up on a Shopify form, they will only be added to Shopify.

By design, the only form that will add to both MailChimp and Shopify is the footer form located on the bottom of your Shopify Theme.

If it does not currently sync to MailChimp, you can use this guide: and with the help of the Shopify Gurus, you should be able to get that embedded code added to the footer of your store.

For your convenience, we have the link to reach out to the Gurus here: