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18 febbraio 2024

I'd like to have more control over the collections that appear

Bridge Books
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Mailchimp ha risposto 21 febbraio 2024

We appreciate the feedback! We'd like our Support to connect with you about the feedback. Email so our team can take another look at this with you.

16 febbraio 2024

I HATE the way Mailchimp is pushing to authenticate domain AFTER I did it!

Stati Uniti
Quasi 5 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Mailchimp ha risposto 21 febbraio 2024

Thank you for the information here. If the domain is already authenticated, try clearing your browser's cache and cookies. Cached data could cause certain alerts to show again.

31 marzo 2024

Between the instructions on Shopify and MailChimp, setting up was fairly easy to do. MailChimp seems a little confusing to use because there are so many options available. Hopefully in time and with enough "playing" with it, I'll figure it all out and it the complexity will be a non-issue.

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Circa 18 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Mailchimp ha risposto 8 aprile 2024

Hey there! If you need help learning more about the application, email and our team can help further.

12 gennaio 2024

Extremely expensive for what you are getting. Very limited amount of contact/emails able to send on basic plans. Would not recommend.

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4 marzo 2024

it is very help full

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13 febbraio 2024

Full of problems that the support team are unable to resolve.

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Quasi 5 anni di utilizzo dell’app
Mailchimp ha risposto 14 febbraio 2024

Hey Caspian, can you refresh the review with information about your interaction with our Support team? We want to be sure it's reviewed and followed up with accordingly.

8 aprile 2024

GUYS DO NOT waste your TIME! Very dissapointed, here it says for $20 plan you have up to 100,000 customers, when you instal the app it tells you you can only have 500 customers for $20 and send only 6000 emails at most a month! what a bs

Donald Trump Everything
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4 gennaio 2024

I tried my first template and after sending a couple of test emails and they banned me only 10 minutes in! Rubbish app.

Gijaru Workgear
2 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
17 novembre 2023

Don't recommend. Mailchimp is always finagling with your email numbers. Spammers constantly sign up at my store. When I delete them, Mailchimp still counts them. It's complete nonsense. Way too expensive. Don't recommend at all.

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Mailchimp ha risposto 28 novembre 2023

We appreciate the review and we'd like to help. Email and our team can follow up and help with spam signups.

22 novembre 2023

Creating templates can be difficult. This one template I created doesn’t allow me to put the name of the product underneath the picture and the picture placement is off

BTEE Cosmetics
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Circa 2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
Mailchimp ha risposto 28 novembre 2023

Our team can help you find the right template layout! Email and our support team will review then follow up.