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Just getting started with the app it was a breeze to import your contacts looking forward to trying the service out.


After uninstalling and installing it works right. First time i got installed sync does,'t work, after that it works as i Expected

Mailchimpが返信しました 2022年2月4日

Thanks for your review and feedback. We've reached out to your via email regarding this matter. In general the way the Sync works we sync customers, orders, and products from Shopify to Mailchimp as transactions and signups occur. All signups made directly to the MailChimp list either via .csv import or signup on a form on another site will only be listed in MailChimp and will not be synced to Shopify.


I am so far happy with the app. Just waiting on the results and the progress. But this app should do well and produce a lot of business for my website

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UPDATE: All sorted now-thank you for the prompt response
Hi my pop up form doesn't have an X in the top right corner? So it just sits there obscuring the view for my customers.....I have tried editing it but it just cannot be dismissed
It does show on mobile phone but not browser from a computer. So frustrating as I have linked my customers. I was told that it was because of the Shopify 2.0? But shouldn't an app for Shopify integration be across the board regardless? I feel I have lost customers using a browser as the pop up cannot be dismissed

Charis and Co
Mailchimpが返信しました 2022年1月19日

A patch was rolled out to fix this issue shortly after the review was posted. When viewing your site, the "x" in the top right corner is now visible. Please let us know if you run into any other issues by contacting us at We appreciate your feedback!

Thanks for your review and feedback. We certainly understand how the popup form behavior as described is not ideal for merchants and customers alike. We do have a workaround that can be put in place while we work to resolve this issue. We've reached out via email with the full details on how to do so but essentially it involves adding some css to the theme code to make the X display again as it was hidden due to some code changes in the default Shopify themes.


They are very expensive and offer no support until you pay for a plan. Then theres these content blocks that get added automatically. I dont know how someone could actually pay $11 a month... Be prepared to be charged the first $70+ the first month for their cheapest plan... Oh! And now that you paid, you can get support, right? Well, not really. I have never once received a response to my emailed support tickets and the chat is a huge joke. Expect to be online with them, getting absolutely no answers, for about 2 hours before they say they have to escalate it and to expect a response by email... However, there will be no email, as previously mentioned. And there huge glitches with their automations. One random day in December they sent Welcome emails to 7000 of my customers and have yet to explain why this happened. They have been sending abandoned cart emails to customers 5 hours after that customer completes a purchase. When I tried to test it myself, I received an abandoned cart email 24 hours after I abandoned my cart (when it is set to 5 hours) and its missing whole blocks of personalized product recommendations. When I check on mailchimp, the blocks are there... This is extremely embarrassing to my brand and I will be moving to a different company.

Caspar Curiosities

Used to be good and for a great price, but have continuously increased the pricing so that they are now one of the most expensive for fewer extras than their competitors. Have been with Mailchimp for over 7 years, but the last price hike was one too many I'm afraid. Now moving to another company!

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Hey there. We understand that it can be frustrating to pay for features you don’t use. We’ve made significant improvements to our platform experience, our core email offerings, and launched features like our Customer Journey Builder, AI-enabled content tools, and more app integrations to help our customers solve their biggest challenges and run and grow their businesses more effectively. If you haven’t already, we encourage you to take a look at our What's New page to discover tools that can help increase engagement with your contacts:

If you’re looking to lower your price, we encourage you to review your current plan type, contact tier, and audience size to determine if it’s bigger than you need. You can try re-engaging inactive subscribed contacts and archiving those who don’t respond. This may reduce the number of contacts in your billable audience, allowing for a smaller contact tier, which will reduce your monthly price.
Re-Engage Inactive Subscribers:
Archive Inactive Contacts:

Take care


Worst app experience. Shopify customer first and last name don't map to Mailchimp - it takes the default shipping first and last name. This was already an issue when the app was still ShopSync hence why we stopped using it. When Mailchimp bought the app, one Mailchimp representative admitted to the glitch and said they've introduced new mapping fields so that the billing address first and last name could be used instead. This also doesn't work. We've been sending dozens of emails back and forth with Mailchimp for the last 2+ months trying to help them with their troubleshooting and have gone from Mailchimp accepting that something isn't working right to be told that there's nothing they can or will do and we'll have to try our luck with the Shopify team instead (when exporting customers from Shopify the customer first and last name are correct in the CSV - just not when using the Mailchimp integration). Stay as far away from this app as possible as all it will do is mess up your audience and merge tags.

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Mailchimpが返信しました 2022年1月20日

Hi there, we responded to you via a support ticket, but we'd like to also post something publicly here for others to digest if they're trying to use something else other than the customer shipping information for their Mailchimp contact.

When a customer checks out from Shopify, the shipping address is saved as the customers "default address" which is used for the customer update coming to Mailchimp. Unfortunately, Shopify does not allow the store owner to change this setting, forcing us to push that over as the customer's address.

We could temporarily override the customer address by using the order's billing address. However, the problem with this approach is that the customer's data in Shopify will still be using the shipping address. If we get another hook for the customer for any reason, it will then switch it back to the shipping address, making this a challenging process to support.

At the moment, our hands are a bit tied with how the Shopify data is coming to us, and we would recommend this to be fixed by Shopify. We hope that this API logic will change in the future.

We understand this technical matter may need clarification for various use-cases. If users have additional questions, please reach out to our support desk at


I seem to have lost the majority of my subscribers since this change was made. This needs fixing asap and it's not good enough.

Mailchimpが返信しました 2021年12月17日

We’d certainly want to investigate further if you’re missing subscribers. Can you drop us a note at


The app does not sync tag information when forcing the resync of the account. This was occurring before Shopify (or mailchimp) bought the app and it still has not been fixed. And now "subscribed" does not sync over.

Mailchimpが返信しました 2021年12月15日

Thank you for your review. Tags should indeed be syncing over. However, there can be a few different reasons why they might not make it. A common one is that the tag must be set on the Shopify customer profile in order for the Mailchimp app to recognize and sync it. We've reached out to you via email to troubleshoot further. And if for any reason it didn't make it to you feel free to send a message to


Hi, I created a new Shopify account and when Installing Mailchimp I tried to connect it to a new audience but it Synced to the old existing one. I want to separate customers from the old site and the new site.... Why did this happen? Thank you, Alain

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Mailchimpが返信しました 2021年12月13日

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We saw your review and it sounds like your issue may be related to a browser caching issue. We'd suggest clearing your cookies/cache, using an Incognito window or trying another browser entirely. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact us for further troubleshooting at