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3 mei 2024

The integration is working fine, and is good value for money, but it does not FILTER subscribers and non-subscribers and we incur additional fees as a result if we don't keep on top of the subscriber limit and this has to be done manually by ourselves. Not thrilled by this additional burden.

Simply Hosiery Online
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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 10 mei 2024

Hey there! Navigate to "settings" within the Shopify app and look for the section "Sync Non-Subscribed Contacts." Here you can choose which contacts you'd like to sync.

8 mei 2024

Excellent customer service. Highly recommend. The stats and recommendations are extremely helpful. The one on one meeting with the mailchimp representative to learn more is the best instructive 30 minutes ever.

Chris Thompkins
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3 maanden gebruiken de app
3 mei 2024

I'm bleeding subscribers! My subscribers, some of them my best customers, are being switched from "subscribed" to "non-subscribed", and apparently there's nothing you can do about it! I'm going to have to switch to a different email provider after 9 years with MailChimp.

Forbidden Fiber Co
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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 10 mei 2024

Hi there, we want to help where possible. There is currently an issue where Shopify is overriding marketing subscribed statuses set within Mailchimp. Our team can help further with any additional questions. Email and our team will follow up.

12 juni 2024

They charge you by how many people add stuff in the cart but don't have anything to detect bots so we are having crazy fees about this and they can't do nothing about it. We where not able to add the recapcha to any of our creating form and when we uninstall the app we are now able to add the recapcha. Now we don't have the app and we still receive a huge fees again on our credit card. Plus we don't have the bot problem anymore. I would not recommand this app.

Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 14 juni 2024

Hey there! Our team can help you identify spam contacts and help remove those from your contacts. Email and one of our Integrations experts will follow up.

28 april 2024

I’m saving so much time by using the Shopify/mailchimp integration! There’s no entering twice or export/import to do. I can concentratee on setting up customers as they come and know they will receive our e lasts!

Casa Ancora Decor
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20 dagen gebruiken de app
17 februari 2024

Used Mailchimp for years. It's expensive but very helpful. With the ability to sync the users' activities on the website, it help to tag and classify users more effectively and accurately.

Hongkong SAR van China
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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 21 februari 2024

Thank you for the feedback! We're glad it's making the ability to sync easier.

25 februari 2024

Terrible - it schedules some emails, but not others. Doesn't send the scheduled ones when they're required and also sends abandon carts emails when the customer has already made a purchase, despite all the flows being set up correctly. Would NOT recommend it.

The Weft
Ongeveer 4 jaar gebruiken de app
Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 28 februari 2024

Thank you for the details! We'd like to have our Support team take a look at this with you and see what's going on. Email with these details and they'll follow up.

13 mei 2024

There was an issue with this app, but the support representative, Rashik, told us to find and fix it ourselves. High payment, poor support!

PlanToys USA
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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 17 mei 2024

Hi there! We'd like to help out where possible. Email and our Integrations team will take a further look.

26 april 2024

DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS. WORST EXPERIENCE EVER. They cleverly hide the prices and overcharge for everything. In spite of disabling my account over a month ago and not using it - they have charged me $100 for last month - no reply from their end on the fraudulant charge

Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
8 april 2024

GUYS DO NOT waste your TIME! Very dissapointed, here it says for $20 plan you have up to 100,000 customers, when you instal the app it tells you you can only have 500 customers for $20 and send only 6000 emails at most a month! what a bs

Donald Trump Everything
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