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10 januari 2024

I canceled my subscription and they still fully charged me after they say they wasn’t

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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 17 januari 2024

Hey there! Our Billing team can help sort this out. Use our contact form and select "billing" from the drop down menu. You'll be prompted to provide your username and a summary of what's going on.

21 januari 2024

most disgusting, making fool their customers. In adequate staff to resolve the problem

Cupid's Haven
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17 november 2023

Don't recommend. Mailchimp is always finagling with your email numbers. Spammers constantly sign up at my store. When I delete them, Mailchimp still counts them. It's complete nonsense. Way too expensive. Don't recommend at all.

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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 28 november 2023

We appreciate the review and we'd like to help. Email and our team can follow up and help with spam signups.

21 november 2023

dishonest and not worth it, lies about cancel anytime, you need to upgrade so you don't ended with spam emails and no real results

Rocket Comics
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6 november 2023

Not the best for very small business. The up charge for additional email blocks is where they get you. Looking to leave them asap. Paying twice as much as I would be happy with for my usage.

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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 8 november 2023

Hey there! Our team can help look over the account with you and discuss cost saving measures. Email and they'll follow up.

4 januari 2024

I tried my first template and after sending a couple of test emails and they banned me only 10 minutes in! Rubbish app.

Gijaru Workgear
2 dagen gebruiken de app
14 juni 2024

Mailchimp has the potential to be a great tool but what a hassle to set up, and like another review, you have to watch your contacts list like a hawk. We have the opposite problem than another reviewer had - where Mailchimp is overriding Shopify subscriptions, so a client agrees to emails during the checkout process but Mailchimp codes them as non-subscribed pending a double opt-in, and it’s random. I’ve been on chat for days and they just talk nonsense about why. Most of the live chat agents don’t bother to understand your problem and just write some template answer that has nothing to do with your problem., and they send you links to articles to read. If I wanted to read an article, I wouldn’t be on live chat! The pre-built templates are cool and the AI features really helpful.The support over the phone is great and you can share your screen and have them walk you thru design & workflow. You have to pay the big bucks though to get phone support. So some really nice features and some not so nice, but man are the live chat agents a challenge!
19 november 2023

I wish I knew how to use it

LK Boutique
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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 28 november 2023

Hey there! Our team can help you understand how to get the most out of the integration. Email and our team will follow up.

27 oktober 2023


Nova Hockey
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23 oktober 2023

I DO NOT RECOMMEND - I bought a mailing list and mail chimp automatically emailed everyone on the list to ask if they meant to subscribe !! Mail Chimp is meant to be working for me not against me and they would have had an unsubscribe option on y first offer I sent them. VERY DISAPPOINTING and I have now cancelled the subscription.

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