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16 april 2019

I used this app to sync Mailchimp with Shopify. It was the only FREE option that I had. I would love to have Klayvio but it's more than I wanted to pay at the moment. I read the warnings of how emails were sent to old subscribers, but I had an even more strange thing happen. I had an additional 179 people imported into my mailchimp-emails that were never even on my subscriber or unsubscribe list, and totally unfamiliar to me. Has anyone else had that happen? I have no clue where these random emails came from, but suddenly they received my automated "thank you for subscribing" message and then I had to delete each person individually which wasted hours of time. For some reason mailchimp was not letting me delete multiples at a time. I don't know why this would happen, and now each time I delete a bunch of foreign emails they seem to keep getting added back in. I'm terrified to even use my mailchimp to send a mass email because I'm not sure who's going to get it. I'm tempted to bite the bullet and switch over to Klayvio.

Yen Chee Design
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31 augustus 2020

Not happy - the sync is just not working (waited for several hours and nothing was updated). I don't want to force a manual sync all the time just to get some data over into MailChimp. ShopSync has several articles and they outline that the sync can take up to 24 hours - based on whatever else is going on - but for testing and also in production if you have to wait for 24 hours before something shows up at the other end - and especially the manual/forced sync can take up to days or even weeks (according to some of the blogs) - that's not an application I would want to deal with.
I am currently testing ActiveCampaign for my EMail-Markting needs & integration with Shopify and that one looks a lot more promising to me .... just my 2 cents ...

GeezerGlide LLC
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Ongeveer 13 uur gebruiken de app
Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 1 september 2020

Hi there, thanks for commenting. Syncing times depend on the number of customers, orders, and products in your store. It also depends on the volume impacting our infrastructure. If you have a large amount of data in your store, allocate plenty of time to allow for everything to complete. We will reflect on the progress of your sync on the app detail page. Please note, automations will not trigger during the sync process.

If you think the sync is stuck, hang tight, it's probably queueing up background processes that will eventually start pushing data. But, if you don't see movement to the progress bars after 24 hours feel free to reach out to us at

Lastly, you don't need to keep your browser open during the sync process, everything works automatically in the background.
Let us know if you have any follow up questions, happy to help anytime.

15 augustus 2019

Support pretty much sucks. Support is very hard to contact. I did receive one response but what I was told never would happen never did. Most of my stats doubled and I can't get that problem corrected.

Rubber Cottage
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6 november 2020

One MAJOR issue: If one of your subscribed contacts makes a purchase and does not click the box to opt in for email marketing (and why would they, they're already subscribed?) then they get UNSUBSCRIBED from your list. Not acceptable. This is the only app I can find to sync/track revenue generation from my emails so I'd really like to use it, I'd even pay for it. OneSass makes an app that syncs my contacts without the whole unsubscribe fiasco, but they don't sync revenue data. ShopSync - PLEASE PLEASE fix this and you'll have my business. Tell me if/when you do!

Stonehouse California Olive Oil
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Ongeveer een uur gebruiken de app
Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 12 november 2020

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We wanted to let you know that this behavior was patched on 10/12/20:

Here is more information about it in our support area on how we handle those situations:

If you're still having challenges with this after the update, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

14 mei 2020

Have wasted HOURS of my life trying to set this up now. Very frustrating! No matter what i do this will not work. Try deleting cookies and cache, different browsers, different devices, incognito tabs, made a new mailchimp account, uninstalled and reinstalled shopsync many times now and nothing I do will allow me to sync my mailchimp.

TAJ Fabrications
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Ongeveer 18 uur gebruiken de app
Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 27 mei 2020

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We saw your review and it sounds like your issue may be related to a browser caching issue or just a temporary problem with Shopify's app store. We'd suggest clearing your cookies/cache or trying another browser entirely. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact us for further troubleshooting at

29 april 2020

Redirects me to page to set temporary cookie, which doesn't work. Other times says page can't be found. Tried deleting reinstalling and through Mailchimp account. Nothing worked.

Amber and Harmony
Ongeveer 13 uur gebruiken de app
Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 11 mei 2020

Hi there, thank you for the feedback. We saw your review and it sounds like your issue may be related to a browser caching issue or just a temporary problem with Shopify's app store. We'd suggest clearing your cookies/cache or trying another browser entirely. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact us for further troubleshooting at

13 november 2019

I can not install, I'm stuck. It says turn cookies off and then does nothing fter that.


Silulo Online Store
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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 13 november 2019

Hi there, if you are running into browser issues loading ShopSync please follow this FAQ:

If you are unable to resolve the issue, please reach out to

25 maart 2019

We've just experienced the same as Black Seed Co. whereby our automated emails were re-sent out to customers (some of whom have unsubscribed!) I'd recommend not installing ShopSync until they have confirmed this issue has been fixed.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
2 dagen gebruiken de app
Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 25 maart 2019

Hi Bakedin, we're sorry to hear you experienced this type of behavior. As noted in the other review you had mentioned, we're curious as to how this could be happening with how the system is engineered. Our system is designed to not send automations during the sync process. We've been unable to replicate this in our testing environments, and we've had thousands of successful installs with no issue. Rest assured, we want to get to the bottom of things for you.

Would you care to reach out to We'd like to understand if you had any other Mailchimp apps installed and what automations retriggered. Once we have that information we can make calls to the Mailchimp API to see events that took place under the hood - possibly even pinpointing the source of the retrigger.

12 mei 2019

So far so bad. Installed it, got halfway through configuring (which itself was no fun, given the contradictory instructions out there)... and got a 502 Bad Gateway error. Uninstalled and tried again, but can't now even get as far as installing it. Long pause... 502 Bad Gateway.
No way of knowing whether this is a bug in ShopSync, or a problem at Shopify, or the former triggering the latter, but meantime no way of replacing the old MailChimp for Shopify app. Frustrated.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
1 dag gebruiken de app
Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 12 mei 2019

Hi there! Thanks for contacting us and our apologies for any hassle with loading the app. We experienced technical difficulties with ShopSync loading up correctly in Shopify due to heavy volumes with installations (this is the last day to switch per Mailchimp and Shopify).

Our engineers reacted quickly, and the issues seem to be resolved. During this time, data was being processed as normal in the background. The problem was isolated to the app settings loading up in the browser. 

We apologize for any inconvenience, let us know if you have any other questions.

3 april 2019

We decided to use this ¨workarounds¨ as a solution for the shopify disaster. Now past customers who did not opt in are getting our auto welcome message and unsubscribing saying did not sign up. Great for our brand, nice work! Be aware everyone and good luck with email marketing.

Idea Chíc
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Mailchimp heeft geantwoord 10 april 2019

Hi there, if you installed the ShopSync app prior to 4/4/19, our app was engineered to include past customers who "Accept email marketing", orders, and products in Shopify. If they showed unsubscribed in Shopify, we ignored the email. In other words, we looked at Shopify as the "truth" and nothing else.

Although our intentions for this were done for all the right reasons, it, unfortunately, didn't work for everyone as you saw with your subscriber counts going up. With how we used to perform the initial sync, it would have been possible to re-subscribe users if they had opted out from a Mailchimp list previously. Or, it's also possible the old integration missed real subscribers with how it was designed.

Now, we've changed up how we handle the data from Shopify to Mailchimp on the initial sync. Here's more information on how it works:

Before any data is processed by ShopSync, we perform integrity checks with Mailchimp to ensure these customers can be sent to the list that is connected.

For example, if someone opted out of a list in the past, we won't add the email again. We'll also update Shopify with the correct status that Mailchimp shows. That way, the most current subscriber status in Mailchimp is synced with the store.

After the initial sync is complete, we'll continue adding customers, orders, and products from your store to Mailchimp as transactions occur. We'll add customers that visit your store who are deemed transactional as well. That way, you can use Mailchimp's automations to trigger abandoned carts and order notifications. If someone unsubscribes from a Mailchimp campaign or automation in the future, we'll sync the opt-out status back to Shopify and vice versa.

If you're concerned that the store subscribers won't match up with Mailchimp, we recommend comparing customers from your store with Mailchimp unsubscribe data. You could then manually unsubscribe customers in Shopify. Another option would be to send out a light email after the sync - maybe something to the effect of "We're updating our customer preferences, click here to opt-out".

We're very sorry for any inconvenience.